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1st July 2021
A low-content hybrid, Anders is unmistakably doggish in coloration, sporting a merle tricolor coat. Most of his fur is warm grey, with darker grey streaks and flecks throughout his fur, while the creamy white of his underside is trimmed with shades of tan. His fur is shorter than his collie-heavy bloodline would suggest, but light feathering lines his limbs and fluffs his chest, and longer hair frames his face and tail. His coat is thick, too; he's a terrible shedder.

His features are more lupine, though the slope of his long muzzle is evidence of his breeding, if one looks closely. His ears are wolfish and small. The darker merle streaks unevenly accent his face, acting as eyeliner that is more thick and smudged on his right side. Soft, warm tan blushes his cheeks and dots his brows. His eyes exhibit partial heterochromia, with a chip of blue amid the brown of his left eye.

Anders keeps himself tidy, often tying his long cream-colored hair up out of his face to keep it from getting messy, with little ornamentation. While on the tall side of average, he is somewhat skinny though his thick coat fills him out. He wears little in the way of clothing, favoring vests that show off his uniquely patterned fur.
Amiable and compassionate, Anders gets along with all sorts—should they not seek to take advantage of him.

Raised in a family that valued hard work, humility, and moral values, Anders was shaped into a kindhearted and respectable individual, if absent of the ambition historically drove others in his family. Instead, he concerns himself more with the well-being of others, as evidenced by his occupation as a healer. Anders just wants to help, which is as much a vulnerability as it is a praiseworthy trait.

He is brave and passionate, which some might call reckless, refusing to stand down from threats or compromise his values. He recognizes that some might take advantage of his charity, but that it's important to provide what he can for others in spite of that. He can be fiery and outspoken when it comes to defending his views, but he would never dream of being underhanded in retaliation.

Anders is warm and friendly when meeting new people, and playful if he has a good rapport with them. He is curious and constantly seeking knowledge, especially within his field, but also enjoys picking up new hobbies that allow him to flex his creativity. When secluded from others, either physically or socially, he becomes terribly lonely—and so wants to do everything he can to avoid this.
Anders was born into an extended family of cowherds in Westbrook, on the outskirts of Portland proper. The singular puppy of his litter, after a previous failed attempt by his parents to raise children, he was doted on but also watched carefully as he grew up. As a young child, of course, the ranch provided many adventures, as he chased chickens and pilfered cheese and was involved in other antics. It wasn't until he was near shifting age that the novelty wore off and he became more curious about the world beyond his close-knit family and farming neighbors.

His father finally brought him along on a trade venture into Portland, where Anders realized how diverse the world truly was. He began clamoring to go each time even a simple errand in the city needed done. One such occasion led him to meeting an aunt: Katinka.

Anders was enamored by this mysterious, wealthy relative right away; his father, Vincent, had always spoken fondly of his younger sister Tink, but since she joined a society of secretive Luperci, her visits to the family were few and far between. Tink was composed, strong of will, and yet also kind—the type of person Anders aspired to be.

The other important connection Anders made in his youth was a gruff old healer who visited the Holt ranch to tend to sick cattle; the boy latched onto him immediately, and when the interest he showed in the arts of medicine didn't seem like a fleeting, youthful whim, the healer agreed to apprentice him. Anders began to spend much of his time volunteering at a small clinic in Portland, occasionally meeting with his aunt when she traveled into the city and learning drips and drabs about the society she was a part of. Eventually, he made the decision to seek them out.
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