Elizar Moreno

The Associate (NPC)
Date of Birth:
25th September 2018
Standing close to seven feet tall, Elizar cuts a striking (if not imposing) figure. This is offset by the gauntness of his frame and the clean trim of his attire, which suggests a life of study more than labor (a fact further ensured by the tucking of his mid-length hair behind his pointed ears, the telltale red rim of his eyes from many sleepless nights).

He has a comely structure to his face, bearing a long, slender snout and an angular jaw, and a regal sheen to his completely black and well kept coat. Elizar could be considered handsome by most conventional standards, though some have found fault in the hue of his eyes, which are a cold and unyielding blue and often directed with the intensity of one's complete focus. His smile is even more ill-fitted to his face, like a crack in smooth marble.

His wardrobe typically entails a dark cloak and either a habit composed of a tunic and scapular or cassock. Though many Moreno priests carry tokens of the Lantern and other signatures of wealth and divinity, Elizar's outfits are notably plain (and more pragmatic) by comparison. An Onuban might notice that there is an absence of his House's sigil on his clothing, and that the material is thin and worn from travel.
Elizar's conduct in general is polite and unobtrusive. His arrogance peeks through his demeanor in subtle ways, but having lived a life of forced restraint and modesty, he is always quick to temper it back when it is called to attention.

Unlike his peers in Onuban academia, he is not prone to disorganization and mess, but is overly particular about his things. He lives in extreme asceticism, and hates for anyone to touch what little he keeps without permission. Overall, Elizar appears to be of a one track mind, and wishes mostly to resume his study as soon as possible.

While deemed brilliant by his peers in research, Elizar does not lord his knowledge and understanding over others. If faced with ignorance or curiosity, Elizar is more than willing to provide granular explanation and explore questions with his conversation partner; he can veer into verbosity easily. Which isn't to say he treats everything with equal value, and entertains questions only to the extent that the person asking them is serious. Elizar possesses an aloof, dismissive perspective on most matters of life, as if they do not pertain to him at all. He only becomes opinionated about his very particular strain of study.
Mother: Adora Moreno
Father: Saulo Moreno
Siblings: Vicente Moreno
Elizar Moreno is the only surviving son of High Priestess Adora Moreno and scholar Saulo Moreno in Onuba. Like all of those of the Moreno family, he was trained to be a Portadore and served a term in its clergy. After this, he was permitted to become a postulant of their funerary order. Elizar was quickly recognized for his resourcefulness and innovative mind, and he became one of the youngest members to be inducted in the order's history. His contributions to the 'Light Sciences' changed their approach to decomposition and preservation, techniques which are now employed in temples across Onuba.

In early 2022, he was imprisoned and sentenced to death for several crimes ranging in severity, from indecent conduct to thievery and desecration of a hallowed space. Rafael Salcedo and the Mayordomía of Onuba, Salvador Salcedo, petitioned for his permanent exile, on the condition that Elizar send back the heir to their estate, Rhaegar Salcedo. Thus Elizar begins his journey in Nova Scotia, seeking to make the famed Kingdom of Salsola home to his continued research into the heart of life and death.

Due to the ill timing of his arrival, Elizar currently remains under the auspices of the Salcedo sisters, the children of the late Lilia Salcedo.
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