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The Arbiter
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13th April 2020
Sabriel is very petite, standing at 5'4" and weighing 130 pounds in Optime form (which she prefers). Her fur is solid black, though vitiligo on her face has caused white markings to appear around her eyes and on her chin. Her wide, doe-like eyes are a vivid sapphire blue. Though having reached adulthood, Sabriel’s face retains the softness of puppyhood, giving her a much younger appearance compared to others of the same age. She keeps her hair short in her Optime form, roughly jawlength. Her hair has a very slight wave and often sticks out at odd angles.

Sabriel wears simple clothes, preferring wool shawls and dresses in the winter and bandeaus with skirts in the warmer months. Most of her clothing is dyed black or dark grey. She wears a few handmade silver rings on each hand and braided leather bracelets on each wrist–silver charms dangle from these bracelets as well. A cord of leather with a wolf’s fang hangs around her neck. Her only weapon, aside from her natural ones, is a handmade dagger that rests at her hip.

She carries few possessions on her person with the exception of a small leather bag around her waist. The bag contains several carved bones for osteomancy, as well as various herbs, owl pellets, and other objects she uses for divination.
Sabriel is pensive, often choosing her words carefully before she speaks. When she does, she speaks with a soft, almost childlike voice; despite this, her words are clear, concise, and self-assured. She typically speaks her mind, preferring to speak truthfully rather than skirt around topics. Sabriel is generous with her opinions of others, however, and rarely thinks or speaks ill of anyone. She prefers to think objectively and diplomatically of everyone she meets, with a few exceptions.

Sabriel is also quite self-reliant and keeps to herself out of habit, but she genuinely loves connecting and spending time with others. However, Sabriel is prone to dissociation, visions, and maladaptive daydreaming, leading many in her clan to believe she was a powerfully spiritual Luperci. This perception rubbed off on Sabriel as well, so she puts a great deal of stock into her dreams, visions, and other methods of divination.

Sabriel is a talented herbalist and knows a great deal about the medicinal and spiritual properties of countless plants. She carries a wide assortment of herbs on her person at any given time. Sabriel is also a skilled weaver, making most of her own clothes, and has dabbled in leatherworking. Even when working with her hands, Sabriel is prone to slip into her daydreams and lose herself in them. She often adopts an unfocused, far-off look when doing any sort of practical work.
Lirael Kali and Ransom Oleander bore four children, including Sabriel, together on April 13, 2020. Sabriel and her sister, Astarael, were given the family name Kali, while the rest of the siblings became Oleanders. Sabriel is the great-great-great-great? granddaughter of Endymion Russo, son of Fatin Kali. Through Endymion's descendants, the family name of Kali has persisted. Sabriel knows very little family history, save that Endymion hailed from a place to the east.

Sabriel's previous clan was matriarchal, its leadership passed down through the Kali line, and primarily embraced mysticism, herbalism, and spiritualism. When the time came for her grandmother, Nix, to take up leadership after long-time matriarch Eternity Kali passed by a mysterious illness, Ransom surprised all by challenging Nix to the title. Their battle was long and bloody, but Ransom eventually won--and killed Nix in the process.

Ransom's mate, Sabriel's mother, bent the knee and urged everyone else in the clan to follow suit. All Kali descendants were instructed to renounce the claim to clan leadership and swear loyalty to Ransom. Ransom's size and considerable following made resistance nearly futile.

Despite this, Sabriel spoke out against her father. She called him a usurper and refused to recognize him as the clan leader. Ransom was enraged at his firstborn daughter's insolence, her defiance. So Ransom instructed his followers to rip out Sabriel's tongue... and so she fled. She fled to start over, to find a home... to find a new family.

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