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Asterope's thick, bristling fur is the color of deep walnut wood that brightens to mahogany around the eyes and saddle in lupine form, with darker accents around the cheek ruffs, eyes, and muzzle. A paler patch also adorns the center of their chest. Their eyes are a cheerful, pale jade. In optime form, Asterope sports a short, playful tuft of fur for hair that swoops up in a gentle, feathery crest. They are well-groomed and prefer to dress in practical, rough-spun clothes of somber greens, browns, and creams, but can just as soon be found in nothing at all (except perhaps a quill and ink). Standing about 7’, they are lithe and lean of figure with long, elegant limbs well-suited toward dexterous activities like writing, sewing, painting, weaving, and dancing. Asterope has a long, expressive face that’s as quick to smile as to knit in an expression of contemplation. They move a bit like a hummingbird, zooming quickly from place to place and hovering momentarily before moving on to tend something else. Asterope can also be found curled snail-like over a stack of records, stories, or specimens, and is very still in these moments, fully absorbed by the content at hand.
Asterope is best described as curious but reserved. A scholar at heart, they enjoy observation and research as well as rich discussion. They believe play is an integral part of learning and appreciate others with adventurous attitudes. Whether it’s attempting to recover generational recipes, hypothesizing about the attitudes of the past, documenting current customs, charting genealogy, or contemplating the changes of the future, Asterope loves engaging with ideas and the processes of documentation, experimentation, and record keeping. However, when in the physical presence of a text collection, Asterope can be comparatively aloof, meticulous, and even tetchy--this is especially true with pups in the vicinity, who must be taught proper etiquette in order to preserve the wisdom of the ancients. While good texts should be read, they should also be appropriately tended and valued. They have a fondness for novelty, an excellent turn of phrase, and quiet co-working. They're much less fond of disrespect for community values, rash decision-making, and messiness. Asterope enjoys a multitude of personality types, but genuineness is a must. Asterope is offput by moral ambiguity and evasiveness. They love ceremony, celebration, and tradition, though they also very much value challenging established codes from the stance of constantly striving for better for the community.
Echo Seadance--Great-Great Grandmother
Syrinx Seadance--Mother
Cassiel Bonnemort--Father
Melinoe Seadance--Sister
Chrysothemis Seadance--Brother
Polyxo Seadance--Sister
Tobias Seadance--Great Grand Uncle
Konane Seadance--Great Grand Aunt
Fineas Seadance--Great Grand Uncle
Asterope hails from a land further north and has come south seeking the remnants of a curious community that their great-great grandmother, Echo, once told her children about. Asterope was weaned through multiple generations on Echo's stories of strife, triumph, love, and loss; her gentle nature permeated the stories in spite of her passing, and the stories’ romanticism encouraged Asterope's curiosity and intellectual flexibility from a young age. Through Echo’s inherited stories, they fell in love with the written word as well as the spoken, fixating on the act of recording stories, songs, records, and other information, as well as the arts of preparing paper, parchment, and hide for these purposes. Asterope began to collect the stories of others, especially the mythic and fantastical that alluded to a vivid world of the past and a rich tradition of imagined spaces. Asterope has three siblings—Melinoe, Chrysothemis, and Polyxo—who are from the same litter, each of different temperaments. Melinoe is an ethereal, mysterious, and grim soul; Chrysothemis is noble, bawdy, and bold; and Polyxo is generous, patient, and mischievous. Asterope’s parents are Syrinx, an impressive archer and stern soul, and Cassiel, a loyal and devoted protector, who remain in their community Asterope has left behind. Asterope has also been told of distant, likely deceased kin—Tobias, Konane, and Fineas—who are half siblings of one of Syrinx’s grandparents from Echo’s line. With promises to find ways to ensure communication between them and their family, Asterope also left behind an impressive, if piecemeal, text collection to forge new bonds and perhaps find opportunities to read new, unknown texts.
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