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Celeste is a mixture of soft, earthy brown tones. The majority of her pelt is a neutral grey brown. On her haunches, underside, neck, and cheeks is a lighter ash grey. She has patches of dark wood tones on her back, paws, muzzle, tips of her ears, and tail which washes out into her lighter tones. Celeste's eyes are a beckoning rust brown and look red in certain light.

In Lupus form, Celeste is tall and slender, more so than one might picture a canine with primarily wolf heritage. Her paws are large compared to her slender legs and streamline form. Even in this form, she appears soft and feminine.

In Secui form, Celeste gains a decent amount of bulk, enough to be able to throw her weight around. Tendrils of hair fall from either side of her head, behind her ears. Her paws, in their now half form, are heavy and dangerous and her jaws, lethal.

In Optime, Celeste appears feminine and delicate but she is anything but. Her body has a mildly athletic build, with subtle curves, wide hips, and soft muscle tone. Her paws and hands are larger than average, a trait that she can be self conscious of. Celeste doesn't wear clothes that don't serve her figure or have some use, and in Summer she generally shies away from clothes altogether. In the warmer months, Celeste wears some leather accent pieces such as a leather corset belt and a complimentary belt that has various leather straps for various uses. In winter, she wears a gold shawl vest possibly some linen trousers with corset accents at the waist.
Even though Celeste is only a year old, she has seen her fair share of trauma. Her mother, Night, died giving birth to her younger brother when she was eight months old and her father, Remus, was killed only a month later. Celeste has spent the last several months trying to navigate through these traumas, having a rough go to say the least. Since her parents' passing, Celeste has been cared for by Nova and Orion.
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