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21st December 2021
A curious assortment of colors and patterns, Kelsi is a wolf with a striking appearance. Her chimerism is most evident on her face: half of it a glided silver with an eye of icy blue and the other half a dark blue-gray with an eye of fiery amber—not unlike her father's. Her upper half is predominantly dark while her lower half is silver, with various ticking of colors in between.

Kelsi is quite small for her wolf blood, standing more in rank with coyotes but possessing distinctly wolfish traits (i.e. broad muzzle, round ears, barrel chest, etc.) to not mistake her as so. Her ears are somewhat large and decorated with piercings. She is elvish and scrawny, built for neither strength or endurance, but for speed. Her fur is double coated and plush, and always neatly groomed. She lacks any distinct scarring and appears soft in spite of her skinniness.

In Optime Kelsi's hair is a streaked mix of silver and black, and stylized into a choppy bob. She adorns herself in both clothes and trinkets—the shinier, the more visually loud, the better. Typically she wears a variety of low-value shirts and trousers under a dark blue shawl embroidered with a star pattern. Accessories are often lost or traded for, but she has an affinity for rings and bracelets whenever she has them on hand.

Lupus: 23 in (58 cm) — 64 lb (29 kg)
Secui: 34 in (86 cm) — 110 lb (50 kg)
Optime: 5 ft 4 in (64 in) (162 cm) — 140 lb (63 kg)

Kelsi is an individual that quickly makes herself known in a room. Bubbly and social, she gravitates to people and seeks conversation and companionship wherever she goes. Even when paired with a more introverted individual, she finds talking easy and runs her mouth with little to no prompt. Kelsi is vocal about her observations and thoughts—sometimes to her own determent. She's lax, open minded, and optimistic, shying away from any "downer talk."

She has an immense infatuation for the world and latches onto anything that sparks her imagination. She is impressionable and curious, and uses guidance from others as a crutch when she doesn't know where she stands on something. Likewise, she enjoys encouraging people to embrace what they want (whether or not if it's what they need).

Kelsi can be finicky and noncommittal when it comes to serious matters, preferring to take an easy way out. She lies compulsively, and when paired with her candid nature, it can be difficult to tell when she's being genuinely honest. She is self-defeating and suffers from insecurity and loneliness. Occasionally she will lash out to push boundaries and see where people's feelings really lie.

Behind all of the bravado, Kelsi is good-natured and wants to brighten the lives around her.
Kelsi Singwell is a lone wolf trapezing at a venue near you.

She was born a bastard child of Aerith Singwell, a musician of the Grimalkin troupe stationed on the outskirts of Portland. While her mother lacked paternal instincts, the troupe's members all took a hand in rearing Kelsi and she became indoctrinated to the the world of fantastical entertainment. When she wasn't causing good-natured mischief in the port, she was sharpening her artistic talents and honing her speechcraft. She took a shine to magic tricks and stringed instruments, and learned how to be light-fingered while audiences were dazzled to purloin their treasures.

While she loved the troupe and their easy way of living, Kelsi burgeoned with the desire for more meaning and purpose. Motivated by tales of grandeur about her sea-worn wandering father that she never grew out of from childhood, she bid the Grimalkin farewell to locate him, hoping to nestle under his wing. She stole her mother's lute on the way out and scrimped and saved her way northward after her father's trail. Youthful and lacking foresight, she undertook her journey in the midst of winter and contended with bad weather and cold company. But Kelsi pushed on, optimistic and determined as her father's trail got warmer.
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