Siora Fir-Chlis


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Dog-coyote-wolf hybrid
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17th February 2020
Thanks to her Keeshond heritage, Siora’s fur is fluffy enough that she can be described as round. It obscures her shape almost entirely, and she is much smaller than she appears to be thanks to this. Unless she gets wet; then she just looks ridiculous. Her fluffy legs end in paws that look dainty compared to her body. She likes to wear bright colors, which is mostly scarves and jewelry because her immensely fluffy fur means that most clothes are uncomfortable (and unnecessary). If required, she will wear a loose-fitting dress that’s really just fabric draped over her, cinched at the waist with a tie, in bright colors, of course.

Siora’s eyes are blue-gray and her ears are folded. Much of her fur is tan, and she has a red “saddle” marking. Her underside and back paws are roaned white markings, as is her snout and circles around her eyes.. Siora also has a noticeable scar on her forehead, which is made up of a Wiccan Triple Goddess symbol and the symbol for the sun.

She often appears happy and relaxed, and while in her lupus form, her gait seems more like a prance than a walk or trot. She spends most of her time in her Optime form, however.
Siora is a cheerful individual... usually. She’s friendly and smiles a lot, which is a common trait among the Fir-Chlis family. She likes caring for livestock sometimes, but not as much as some of her other family members. Her herding instinct is not as strong, nor has she spent a lot of time doing it during her life. She's not someone who likes to watch over a flock of sheep, though. She'd rather be moving around and doing something active or more engaging.

Siora is normally most comfortable carrying out someone else’s orders, and does her best to follow commands exactly. Sometimes this shows exacting attention to detail and other times it falls under ‘malicious compliance.’ Just because she’s most comfortable following instructions doesn’t mean she can’t think for herself, too.

Death has played a prominent role in Siora's life, starting even before her birth, with the fall of Caledonia. Partly because of this, it’s not uncommon for her predictions to include death, which contributes to making her seem just a little bit spooky. Sometimes it's just for effect and sometimes it's really what the cards or runes or tea leaves have told her.
- Arran Fir-Chlis
- Lossë Fir-Chlis
- Meril Fir-Chlis (adoptable!)
- Daniel
- cNPC: Meril Fir-Chlis
- Others: a pair of female caribou
Siora was born to Gaia Morelli and Rhuven Fir-Chlis. Her father, Rhuven, was a quiet individual while her mother was more outgoing. Even as a puppy, Siora was able to see that her father seemed sad, especially because they lived with many other adults from her mom’s side of the family who were much happier in comparison.

As Siora grew up, her Mom taught her the beliefs of her family, learning rituals as well as skills they used to trade: reading tea leaves and runes, tarot, and other aspects that they believed to be magic. Siora heard stories about tarot decks with vibrant colors, though theirs was luperci-made paper with black ink. She liked them just fine as they were. Her first shift was uneventful, but exciting because then she could finally flip the tarot cards herself.

One ritual in her family was that they could choose to have a symbol branded on their forehead and she opted to participate in it when she was old enough. After that, she was deemed an adult, ready to go off into the world if she wanted to. Her family did a little bit of traveling and when they came to Portland, suddenly her family grew larger first when they discovered her mother’s extended family living there at a depot they called Old Ironsides. Siora’s maternal grandfather, Otto Morelli, had traveled to Canada on a ship with his cousin, Lucille, and they presumed each other dead. They also discovered Caledonians, which was when Siora learned why her father seemed so sad all the time. He had lost most of his family when their home was destroyed.

One of her sisters returned home to bring the news to Otto and then the little family settled in Portland. While there, Siora learned how to take care of the caribou that they kept at Old Ironsides (and how to avoid their ridiculous goose), and learned more about the Caledonian beliefs. Siora also learned of New Caledonia where more of the Fir-Chlis family apparently lived, including their living matriarch. She decided she wanted to go there. She was allowed to bring two caribou with her, descendents of her cousin, Norah’s caribou, pulling her belongings in an enclosed cart, large enough for her to sleep in as well. She also brought gifts from the Morelli/Cormier and Fir-Chlis families for their loved ones in New Caledonia. Another cousin, Tavor Fir-Chlis, showed her the way and then returned to Portland after a short visit and Siora began settling into her new home.
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