Aether Reeves


Del Cenere Gang
68.75% coyote, 25% dog, 6.25% wolf
Date of Birth:
9th April 2022
The young coydog when they are fully grown will stand at about five foot eight inches tall, her build is lithe, slender, and lean with decent muscle tone and could be described as tomboyish, their long straight limbs and rectangular figure not suggestive of any kind of feminine grace. The coydog's hands are rough and mottled with a patchwork of thin scars from an upbringing of knife tossing, gardening, and animal husbandry. Her fur is primarily white , though her arms, legs, back, face, and tail all sport light tan markings as well as a spackling of black "freckles" across her face and body.

Aether's hair is white for the most part, however the front of it between her eyes grows a streak of black. When her hair grows longer, Aether keeps it tied back into a braid most days and doesn't cut it. The pale coydog's eyes are rimmed with black, and their nose and paw pads are the same dark hue, giving the girl the appearance of wearing thick eyeliner, and her eyes are a purplish silver hue, a combination of the lilac eyes of her mother and the grey eyes of her father. Aether's build and fur texture is largely typical for a coyote, with a bit of doggishness in her face and most apparent in her coloration.
As far as personality goes, Aether is a rather cheerful child. Born with a rough and tumble nature, they had always been the more eager and outgoing out of the two Reeve's siblings. This energetic and upbeat personality they possess however isn't always a good thing, as she can at times be highly competitive and boisterous, even going as far as to pick fights at times, though this is never done with mean spirited intentions, she simply enjoys getting her hands in the mud and having a good throw down as a pass time.

Despite the girl's cheerful countenance however, there are times when something else shows through the surface, an occasional glimpse of something far more serious and severe, sometimes even melancholic or sad, however, when asked about it, they will merely brush it off and return a sheepish smile as though nothing of concern had transpired. For the most part, they seem happy, but they continue to display a desire to learn how to fight and practice regularly without being pushed or prompted to learn these things, and each new challenge is met with enthusiasm and determination. Aether has little interest in learning medicine or book smarts, but she's not bad at what she's been thought, she simply knows what she wants to do already and is pursuing that wholeheartedly.
Aether was born and raised within the Del Cenere Gang to mother Whisper Mayflower and Father Theo Reeves alongside sister Ariadne Reeves. The two children were born out of wedlock, their parents having had a drunken encounter after months of tentative friendship, however, the two of them had decided that for the sake of the pups, they would cohabitate and raise them as a pair, which remains the current state of their relationship.

Aether is close with her father and wishes to learn all the skills he possesses of knife throwing and horse speak and the like, while their sister is more closely aligned with their mother, however despite their differences the two Reeve's kids remain close. They befriended a neighbor child within their pack but hadn't met very many other people until their father received a threat from some old enemies, spurring him and Whisper to bring their children to Casa di Cavalieri temporarily for protection. On the way, Whisper and Theo were kidnapped, and Aether and Ariadne were found by an acquaintance of their parents, along with Jed, their father's horse, and brought to Casa where they stayed with relatives of their mother living in CDC until they were able to be reunited with their parents and return home after the commotion had settled.
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