Luperci Someone loves you! a fair golden Sun brought life to my soul
The sun is but...
a morning star.

ashes and wine
burn out brighter
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4th April 2004
Luperci Ortus
In her Lupus form Anu is small only standing 24 inches at the shoulder and weighing in at a slight 65 pounds. She has a mixture of sandy, light grey and white fur, while looking much like an ordinary normal timber wolf, and holds both Arctic and Timber wolf blood. Her eyes are the only striking feature, being a bright tore bay blue. The Lupus form is her more common shape because of the speeds she is able to reach and the comfort she feels while in it.

Shifted in her Optime form she is lighter in color, loosing much of her gray, keeping only her sandy and white tones. She weighs in at rough 168 and is lean and nimble. Being just under 6ft Anu is usually the shortest in the crowd, but is still able to run distances and at a decent speed. Her eyes follow her coat and turn a light, more ice-like blue.

The Secui form is her least common shape. Because of the ragged picture she makes, Anu is hardly ever seen in it. Her halfling form is her heaviest, and largest out of all three. Her coat darkens into a deep brown grey, and she is almost unrecognizable. Weighing in at a rough 185 and standing 40-45 inches, it is her most powerful, and least liked form. A pacifist at heart and it being only good for a fight, she finds no use for the halfling form and almost ignores her ability to use it.
Her personality can be summed up in a few words. Anu is gentle, peaceful and kind. She enjoys staying close to her homelands and does not venture far in her older age.

She has a content mind, though in rare times she can feel quite lonely. She honors honesty, and will always tell the truth. Liars are seen as just as horrible as murderers, killing trust with each of their words.

Anu is slowly learning the ways of the Norse religion and quietly coming to believe in the different gods. She works with the Vináttan Godja, listens to her stories and practices with runes.
Anu was born north of the 'Souls region, to a mated pair in a small family pack. She was the single female, birthed beside two brothers. She grew up happily with her family, learning about the earth and the Sun from her father. Once grown Anu began her travels south, and finally found the Jaded Shadows pack. It was there that she found her second family, mated for the first time to a beautiful female, and grew to find herself.

After her mate's disappearance, she left, returning back to her father when word came to her that he was near his death. Too long Anu spent grieving the loss of her father, alone. But after years Anu returned. She wished to know those she had come to call family again.

The silver and tan woman found those lands dead, but did find where the wolves had relocated. Anu settled in Phoenix Valley, but soon found her heart moving her towards the newly formed Crimson Dreams. She and the leader Naniko became mates, just before Naniko gave birth to four pups that Anu helped parent. Changes led to a shift of power, a loss of connection and Anu became second in command beside Savina while Naniko left Crimson Dreams for good.

She embraced the leadership role, finding many loyal wolves that she had come to love like family. She gave birth to three sons, fathered by her dear friend Gabriel, and lived happily in Crimson Dreams till Savina left the pack in the Spring of 2012. Anu felt herself unable to care for the pack, and incapable of protecting them as they deserved. She decided to disband the pack, allowing those that wished it to leave the lands of 'Souls, join their allies in different packs or to join her in a new wandering life.
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