Sabeh Grimalkin

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They/He/She (Any)
Date of Birth:
22nd February 2020
Lupus: 20 lb (9 kg) – 16 in (56 cm)
Secui: 90 lb (41 kg) – 34 in (86 cm)
Optime: 120 lb (54.5 kg) – 63 in (5 ft 3 in) (160 cm)
Charismatic • Self-Absorbed • Playful • Hedonistic • Independent

OPTIME unless otherwise stated • Non-Binary
Father: Laiq Hariri
Mother: Amena Hariri

Littermates: Jasar Hariri, Obadiah Hariri, Ejlaal Hariri

(Art by Hydra Triangle)
Hailing all the way from the far-off Bedaya, Sabeh was born as a part of Alqamar - the moon tribe. They were born to the widowed Amena Hariri, alongside three siblings, all of whom were of the male sex (though their gender experience varied as Sabeh's has).

Their nature never did mesh well with either their tribe or the general culture in the area: sometimes they wished to join the tribes of the Star or Sun for their differences but came to understand early on that even there, they would not be fully accepted. Sabeh, according to the elders, had been born one of the worst things to be: a narcissist. They turned inward and dabbled too much, too intensely in self-expression, determined to make themself unique: to stand out.

Love and attention became withheld from them as punishment. They cried louder than the other children, acted out and even pursued petty violence as a way to get attention: but all punishments remained passive. Their single mother began to receive shunning as well, as she was seen as responsible for molding Sabeh into a proper person. She had failed in that duty and as such had committed a Sin against her family. This led her into a depression that Sabeh became acutely aware of.

Guilt and remorse for their actions surfaced as they developed into an adult. The deep cultural importance of family and being responsible for one another did feel ingrained in them to some extent. Rather than stay and cause their tribe any more pain, Sabeh decided to depart to travel the world and find themself: find the meaning for why they were born 'selfish'. They took a vial of the most precious sand with them: a final gift from their mother. Sabeh understood, looking into her eyes one final time, that she had done her best. Her best, though, hadn't been enough for them. There had always been something in their heart that craved more.

Sabeh continued to travel for many months, eventually boarding a boat to Portland. Washed up with nothing to their name, and still struggling to learn English (the introverted tribe of the Moon did not have as much use for it), Sabeh remained on the outskirts until they drew the eye of the Grimalkin family. Sigi Grimalkin, a jackal hybrid that knew Arabic, offered to take Sabeh under her wing and adopt them into the Grimalkin name. She saw the talent of charisma in them: a welcome thing for the troupe. Sabeh agreed.

It did not take long for Sabeh to become fluent in English (as well as French), acting as a messenger for the troupe for the rest of their young adulthood. They doubled as a spy and, underneath the mask, a thief. Sabeh had begun stealing long before they arrived in Portland and did not stop there - but never once attempted to betray or steal from the troupe that took them in. They held great respect for the Grimalkin and truly treated them as family. [wip]
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