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30th December 2017
Harriet leans closer towards coyote on the scale of her heritage, though some of her markings may betray her hybrid nature. While leggy, she is deceptively dense and muscled, and definitely large for a coyote. Her facial features are mildly sloped and blunted with her dog blood - and her coat is somewhat softer than one would expect of a wilder counterpart. Harriet's thick, plush fur is a varying palette of agouti creams and sharp, shocking white - she largely owes her green eyes to her mother and privately takes pride in how they set her apart from many other Courtrights.

She tends to cross her arms a lot, sniff, and rub over her whiskers, lips, or along the side of the bent bridge of her nose. Generally averse to eye contact. Alert and tense. Stiff. She has a dominating posture, and an intimidating air about her, and generally adopts 'shut-off' demeanor. Often ‘manspreads’ when sitting, taking up space or making space between her and anyone that might dare to come close.

She is highly humanized and practical with her appearance, keeping her shoulder-length brunette hair up and out of the way with bone and wood clips or a short, low ponytail. She wears loose wool trousers, flowy button-up shirts of cream or gray, and a dark gray wool overcoat that’s slightly too large in the winter. Harriet also frequently wears a slouchy suede green hat in bad weather. Her full ensemble and natural build give her an overall androgynous look that allows her to travel with a great deal of anonymity.
Harriet is a prickly and combative coydog. She is stubborn and willful, but nonetheless capable and reliable. She seeks to lead those around her and while her methods are calloused, she can be surprisingly patient. Others should expect vague bullying and backhanded comments from her. If she notices irresponsible or downright stupid behavior, she’ll let her opinions be known without any sugarcoating. Harriet respects authority as a rule, but she won't hesitate to make her misgivings known–tact is not one of her strengths.

She struggles with emotional vulnerability and in general puts little stock in having close relationships. Monosyllabic responses are common with Harriet. Getting to know her, as a result, will be a challenge unless someone gets her talking about things she’s interested in, such as fighting or her horse, Cerberus. Harriet is overconfident when it comes to her skills and will rarely admit when she’s wrong. This makes her something of a know-it-all in fields she's comfortable with, like fighting.

Harriet is most content when doing physical labor, whether that be combat training or tending to horses. She also enjoys scouting and border patrol for the simple reason that it gives her ample alone time–and an excuse to rough someone up if they’re somewhere they shouldn’t be.
Mother: Rosalie Hayward
Father: Ulysses Courtright
Siblings: Marilyn Courtright, Noelle Courtright
Aunts & Uncles: Josiah Courtright, Melanie Roanoke
Cousins: Hosea Courtright, Trelawney Courtright, Amos Courtright
Nieces & Nephews: Daphne Braithwaite, Tansy Courtright, Camellia Courtright
cNPC: Rodeo
Animal Companion: Cerberus
Harriet Courtright was born alongside sisters Marilyn and Noelle to Ulysses Courtright and Rosalie Hayward in Palisade. From the start, she and her sisters were subjected to a controlling, competitive household as opposed to her cousin's structured lifestyle - Harriet grew up at odds with her small world, consistently attempting to jockey for position from her cousins, her sisters, her peers, all nurtured beneath her never-impressed father. Unwittingly, she adopted Ulysses' critical eye, and as such, the thorny Harriet grew into a jaded and ill-tempered adult.

When her father, in direct opposition to her uncle Josiah, took the side of the Del Mar as tensions mounted between Palisade and the Del Cenere Gang, her family fractured somewhat. He took his favored daughter, Marilyn, north on Carlo Del Mar's ambitious and careless orders in a decision that ultimately cost the two of them their lives. Harriet has since forsaken her father's legacy and left the patching of their half of the family to her more level-headed sister, Noelle.

Disgruntled and fed up with Palisade life, Harriet took her horse Cerberus and set out for the Ganglands without so much as a goodbye to her mother and sister. She intends to find her own way within Del Cenere and make a name for herself.
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