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Hybrid [50% Canis lupus (Gray Wolf) 25% Canis latrans (Northeastern Coyote) 25% Canis lupus familiaris (Irish Setter Dog)]
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22nd March 2020
Bloom is a mix of her parents, mostly appearing wolfish in build, but with smaller coyote paws and her unique coloration coming from her dog genes. She has a thick coat a mix of reds, burnt orange and cream in color. She is small for her breed and stand only 5' 3" in Optime form which is her preferred form. She has a decidedly feminine figure and long deep red hair which she ties back in various styles to keep it out of her vision. Typically she keeps it up in a high ponytail that drapes down her shoulders and back. She will often be seen wearing a simple green tunic, tan riding breeches and a brown corset with a utility belt carrying her sword, hunting knife and various small pouches containing healing herbs or cooking spices. She will also carry a pack upon her back with survival supplies and a kit for thieving. She has a brown fur lined, hooded cloak and will wear this when traveling. She wears a leather cord necklace with a small gold ring on it, inlaid with emerald. Both ears are pierced with two gold hoops. Bloom carries herself with a confidence but doesn't necessarily flaunt it. She moves on soft, silent paws and has a knack for accidentally sneaking up on others.

A fiery spirited woman who has learned to temper her fire in order to best serve others. Bloom has her opinions but tends to bite her tongue and keep them to herself. She is definitely not as lewd and loud and crude as her mother was known to be. She is loyal and fiercely protective of those she considers a friend or family. She is used to taking orders but also doing what she believes is right and standing up for injustices. She likes to let loose on occasion and can be quite the boisterous flirt. She enjoys adventures and anything that gets her adrenaline pumping. Idle down time is her least favorite. She will always find something to keep herself occupied. Do not mention how short she is, it's a point of contention. This lass is not afraid to leap into danger and an eager learner. She is often self critical and always striving to improve herself. She worries most that her skills aren't being used for the best intentions and that she will one day be betrayed by those she's closest to. Working most her life as a mercenary has given her a unique perspective on life and she often has surprising views about situations one might not expect. She respects those in positions of power and loves children. She believes in free love and is not very spiritual, but keeps an open mind about all practices. She is a skilled fighter, thief, scout and healer and hopes to better learn about animal husbandry, and cooking, and dabbles a little in dance and fire poi.

by Marie
Mother: Match Bríddn
Father: Damar O'Malley
cNPC: Arianna Nightwalker
mNPC: Kinsey (European Polecat)
Summer (Draft Mare)
Born in March of 2020 to Match Bríddn, never knowing her father, only that his name was Damar O'Malley, Bloom was quickly brought into the fold of the royals court of Eldevynn in Grimmlight Pack as a mercenary's daughter. She was trained by the other mercenaries to have the skills she possesses today and sent out into the world to protect and sometimes steal things for her masters. She's had more than her fair share of tough encounters but come through them on top. Her mother died just after she turned a year old, leaving her to the mercies of the royal court. Having proved herself worthy in their eyes, she gained favor but always felt unsettled in her role, wanting more out of life. When a devious plot was uncovered in her guild, she grabbed her closest friend, Arianna and fled her homelands after stealing from the treasury to pay her way across seas. She made her way to Portland and has been seeking out a new place to belong since.

After meeting with Liam Del Morte in Portland and learning of the loner band Camp Eclipse, she and Arianna made their way into 'Souls and decided to join this particular group of survivors from New Caledonia and at present resides among them and is working beside them to make a better future.
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