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25th October 2022
Being quite young, Zoltan has oversized ears and paws that his body hasn't fully caught up with yet. His build makes it seem likely he will take after his father Oberyn Haskel in size as he ages. He has fairly thick fur, probably contributed from his dog heritage. Given his age, he is always in Lupus form; this will likely persist in adulthood, as he is part of a pack that keeps to four legs almost all the time.

His coloration is beautifully patterned to blend in well with the world around him. He has a mist gray belly that extends up his neck and across both cheeks. He has four mist gray "socks" of coloration around each paw and the underside of his tail, as well as the fur around his rump. There is also a splash of that color across his otherwise mine shaft hued muzzle. That same color is at the tip of both ears and around the nape of his neck. Makara coloration begins around his face and the sides of his neck, as well as the upper parts of each leg and his flanks. A mix of makara and mine shaft make up the coloration across his back and spine, with mine shaft being the predominant color. This extends all the way down his tail as well.

He has bright steel blue eyes he inherited from his mother.
Zoltan is a fairly typical puppy. He has no fear and boldly moves to acquire what he wants. There is no hesitation in his desire to reach his goals, though he will not step on others to get to them. Zo values pack above all else and will do what is needed for the group over self-satisfaction. This doesn't mean he is easily bulldozed into doing what someone else wants; just that if there is a choice between his own wants being satisfied or the group's success, he'll choose the latter.

He is kind and polite toward others, though sometimes slips up as he is of course very young. Learns from his mistakes and doesn't tend to repeat them. Has no interest in causing intentional trouble. Seeks to emulate the strength of his parents in his own future; believes in the betterment of the world through true down to nature living. Close with his family and particularly his sister.

Very curious about all living things. He enjoys watching bugs, stalking things, observing birds in flight, watching the way things grow. In the future he will likely be almost forcefully protective of preserving the land on which Court of Fangs resides. Follows in his parents' footsteps on the matter of returning as much as they can to nature. Likely to follow a path of protector/guardian in the future.
Father: Oberyn Haskel
Mother: Makwaikwe de le Poer
Sister: Nimkii de le Poer
Zoltan was born alongside a single sister named Nimkii de le Poer to two parents living in Ethereal Eclipse. He has been a member of The Court of Fangs since birth, being part of the first litter born to the loner band. In fact, he was born just twelve days after its official formation.

The first month or so of his life was fairly uneventful. Then the seismic shift happened and changed the landscape around his home. At such a young age, mostly what he remembers is that the world shook and then the ocean was nearer than it had been before. He was too young to be afraid of it and the Court did not lose any members to the earth's shakes.

He is at the age now where he is beginning to learn all the things that make a wolf into a proper wolf, which the Court of Fangs is teaching him involves four feet on the ground. His interests have not yet solidified, nor is it entirely clear who he will be as an adult given his young age. The boy currently follows the beliefs of his pack faithfully and with a focus in his heart for guardianship of his kin and his land.
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