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Lucina appears more dog than wolf, bearing blue merle markings typical of a border collie. Her round, slightly ripped ears are dark, and her face is freckled, with dark patches around the eye and curving along her cheeks to her jaw. Along with dark patches, she has a few tan patches on her eyelids and a stripe on her muzzle similar to that of an eastern timber wolf. She's on the smaller side for a wolf, both in height and weight in all forms. She's naturally on the thinner side and was even thinner when she arrived in souls. In terms of appearance, this allowed her to blend in more with the dog Luperci.

However, her wolf ancestry comes forth in the shapes of her body, such as her angular head and strong square nose, along with the general shape and athletic musculature of her body. Her coat is fluffy and long, yet shaggy, and Lucina usually puts careful consideration into grooming her fur to hide that shagginess and make it appear smooth and untangled. Her eyes are a bicolored green and slate blue that are always wide with curiosity and pointed at whatever is nearby.

Lucina is more feral than humanized. She doesn’t take to wearing any clothing once she arrives in Canada. At the very most, she wore a worn dear-hide cloak and a grass woven belt, with a small bone-carved dagger tucked at her hip. Despite said dagger, Lucina doesn’t seem like the type to do harm. Carrying an anxious, awkward, yet determined air about her. She remains hunched and curled in on herself most of the time, until something catches her eye, and then she’s perky and focused on whatever caught her attention. It's only then that it's obvious that she has a constant tilt in her head to the left, along with tears at the tips of her ears that prevent fur from growing in. Along with that, her nose has a few notable scratches that appear to have been made by another dog's teeth.

In her Secui form, she is noticeably smaller than other northern dogs, but it doesn’t take away from her speed, only her endurance and stamina, since she has to work harder to keep up with packmates. 

In her optime form, she usually holds her paws close to her chest, and her mane is choppy and uneven in many places from a poorly done haircut. Lucina will often wear pretty leaves and flowers in her hair if given the opportunity.
Ambitious, good-nature, Unsure of herself, curious, Discreet, energetic, Hardworking, self centered, Loyal, attachment issues, Bossy, judgmental  

Lucina enjoyed pushing herself ever since she was little. Borderline competitive. Whenever given the opportunity to impress a superior, she would work just as hard to satisfy the requirements of her task. often going above and beyond just to show she was capable. Leading to times when she overworked herself, sustained mild injuries, and was forced to rest for a couple of days. One would expect that her bossy attitude would lead to her being cruel to whoever ‘lost’ the competition, but the worst she’d do is playfully rib and do a bit of bragging. Beyond that, she was particularly nice and chose to see the best in people, even if she usually jumped to conclusions and initially thought poorly of people. Now, she's more likely to view others through a lens of pessimism.

Ever since Lucina was little, she was watchful and focused, but not always on the task at hand. She would spend a lot of time watching birds fly in formation, or stalk ducks as they swam, only jumping out at the flock to see what they would do in response. Usually, that’s how she did most things. Finding something that excited her and dedicating herself to understanding it. As she grew older, she had many questions for the elders and her parents. Due to being scolded for running off on her own accord so much growing up, Lucina is hesitant to follow her heart. Choosing to instead follow directions and wait for someone else to make a plan. On the other hand, she has no issue commanding others if she believes it falls under the direction she was given.

Just as athletic as any other herding dog, Lucina enjoys running and jumping over obstacles in her lupus form. She gets up early in the morning and is constantly moving until nighttime. No matter what she did, she was restless and eager to move around and play with her companions. But this starkly contrasts the quiet moments she does have. When she burns up enough energy, she takes quick naps and gets lost in thought. At one point, she would blab someone’s ear off if someone asked her what was wrong, in present day, she’s more reserved with her emotions. Keeping her true thoughts and feelings close to her heart and deflecting whenever she could.

Believing that her worth is equal to her contributions and recognition, Lucina always looks for more work to do. Taking on much more than she could really handle, but she’d rather succeed than give up, regardless if the end result was good or bad. One of the main reasons for her desire for recognition is that it validates her sense of self. She does most things for herself secretly; most times she’s thinking about her feelings and grudges, and she will obsess over why people aren’t always fond of her.

Since she left her last two packs, Lucina is unsure of how she feels when it comes to the people around her. She’s naturally loyal and will do her all for those who treat her with kindness and respect. Now, she feels a sense of worry when it comes to forming relationships. As much as she would like to, Lucina can’t help but wonder if joining a pack and trusting others will do her good or if it’ll end in her heart being trampled on again. Regardless, once she trusts someone, she sticks by their side until it’s clear that she isn’t wanted. Often coming to her loved ones' defenses and sticking by them when it gets tough.

Due to her confidence, Lucina is a bit bossy when it comes to other people. She will operate as if she knows everything and that people should do things her way. Manifesting as nagging and commands that would have held weight with her siblings. Now in souls, she’s out of her element, and while she still bosses people around, she bites her tongue and keeps her thoughts to herself. Thoughts that have become more pessimistic and judgmental the longer she goes on. It’s become difficult for her to challenge these thoughts, as it might have saved her trouble in the past if she doubted more. Now she holds a healthy amount of caution and finds herself judging everyone for even the smallest actions. 

Lucina is skittish in new situations, and being in souls is the biggest step out of her comfort zone that she's ever taken. While she adjusts to her new life, she’ll be overly polite, a bit of a pushover, and completely and utterly fascinated with everything. However, she is determined to enjoy herself and learn as much as she can so she can fit in and do right by her pack-mates, even if she keeps her distance emotionally.  
Mother: Estranged
Father: Estranged
Siblings: Estranged
‘Grandparents’: Estranged
Lucina grew up in a small, religious pack of wolves in what used to be Georgia. From the start, she didn’t feel like she fit in with her birth family. She had a distaste for religion in general and disliked the ceremonies she was forced to participate in. She often found excuses to not be included, involving tending to the live stock, searching for herbs, and practicing her fishing. When confronted, she would lie about her reasons and evade the question. Finally, she did explain that she didn’t want any part of the religious aspects of the pack. Lucina was encouraged and pressured to leave soon after.

It wasn’t long before Lucina found a nomadic pack that was traveling south. She learned about the large packs in Souls and the various difficulties they brought. For a little while, she stuck with the nomadic pack, desperate for companionship and a support group after having to leave her first one. Things were okay at first, but over time Lucina and the pack had more and more arguments due to her bossy attitude. The other canines, like her family, became closed off and harsh to her. She split from the nomadic group soon after, lonely and bitter. 

She decided that she would find the packs up north and join them, starting a new life far away from her previous packs. Lucina figured that anything would be better than being alone, even if there were problems. In her excitement and desperation, she used her Secui form to travel great distances at a time, switching between running and trotting often.

Unfortunately, Lucina got in the way of a hostile pack in the middle of their hunt, scaring off their prey accidentally. The pack was furious, and told her to leave immediately. She attempted to calm the group, but a brawl broke out once their patience waned. Lucina fled as quickly as she could, left with a shoulder injury on her left that brought her a lot of pain unless she held her head at a tilt.

She traveled for a little over two and a half weeks before arriving.
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