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11th August 2020
Shy's pelt is a mixture of cream along with rusty browns and burnt orange. Tumbleweed is her lightest hue which laces her paws and entire underside, transitioning into Cape Palliser at her midsection. Cedar Wood makes up the majority of her pelt fading into Cinnamon and then her lighter tones. Her tail is dipped in Indian Tan, her darkest hue, which is also her hair color. Her eyes are a pale Linen, striking in contrast to an Indian Tan mask circling each eye.

Lupus: 41 lb (18 kg) – 22 in (56 cm)
Secui: 116 lb (52 kg) – 36 in (91 cm)
Optime: 132 lb (60 kg) – 67 in (5 ft 7 in) (170 cm)

Lupus: Shy never uses this form. She is slight and stringy with small paws. She boasts comically large ears thanks to her jackal blood, which are clumsy in comparison to her dainty presence.

Secui: Shy will rarely use Secui form to travel fast from one destination to another, but it's becoming less pertinent with access to horses. She is tall and willowy with a wild mane and bushy tail. This form is unsightly in appearance compared to either of her other forms. She found it can also be useful for scaring off other predators, but with her focus on becoming skilled in combat, it is becoming rarer for her to shift down.

Optime: Her preferred form. She relies heavily on her hands and body to make a life for herself. Her figure is lithe with ample thickness in the right places. She flaunts her feminine assets using clothing to highlight them. She is generally seen in some form of a skirt with a thigh slit and a corset. A dagger sits in a holster on her exposed thigh, readily available should she need it and visible to deter troublemakers. She will layer button up shirts over her corset, unbuttoned, to display her bosom. In colder weather she wears a long fur lined coat and fur lined, lace up leg warmers. Her hair is not styled in any particular way, but tends to fall around her face, effortlessly framing her slender features. She keeps it trimmed so it's not a hassle, but not so short as to cripple her feminine aura. She moves purposefully and gracefully, but always displays some level of dominance whether it be the slight rise of her tail or rolled back shoulders.

Cheyenne is a spitfire. She tolerates little to no nonsense and has no quarries with making this known. It's probably best not to get on her bad side. She's quick to snap back to any backhanded comments or disrespect and speaks her mind. Cheyenne is anything but a people pleaser and can come off strong to friend and foe alike. Shy takes after both of her parents, inheriting her mother's deep sensuality and her father's promiscuity. She grows bored easily and tends to jump from one partner to the next; a man-eater. The thrill of the chase offers her more than any one partner possibly can, so why settle? She likes to be in control and has found a passion in charming funds out of male's pockets now that she is able to work as a courtesan on her own terms. Cheyenne is fiercely determined to make something of herself, stopping at no ends to accomplish her goals. She rarely opens up to others, finding her past to be nonsensical, but her emotional trauma is easily triggered. She can be dramatic and over the top; difficult to stop once she's began a rant or emotional rampage.

Once Cheyenne reaches Del Cenere, she aims to climb the ranks and become a force to be reckon' with. Shy imagines a life where she's no longer searching to fill a void and can rely on means other than her courtesan work to sustain her. That being said, Shy is highly independent.

Flirty ~ Snide ~ Relentless ~ Motivated ~ Dramatic ~ Independent ~ Sensual

Phoenix Whitesage - Father
Anabelle Long - Mother
Reno Long
Nogales Whitesage


Born in the middle of nowhere Arizona, to Phoenix Whitesage and a call girl out of wedlock. Shortly after she and her siblings were born, her father cut and ran, choosing to settle down and have more children with another woman from his past. It's a bitter topic for Cheyenne so she chooses to disregard him altogether. She worked alongside her mother as a call girl after coming into her own for some time. Shy left herself little time outside of work, heavily relying on the grind for fulfillment. She found it important to sustain herself, but despite her efforts seemed to be gaining no ground. While able to fulfill her sensual desires by working alongside her mother, as time moved on she realized it wasn't enough and something needed to change. There was always a void she was unable to fill and so she decided she'd outgrown Arizona. She made the decision to travel to The Ganglands after hearing that her siblings had already made the move. She bid her mother farewell and took off in search of something more. Since on the road, life has been exponentially more entertaining and exhilarating, but she's looking forward to reaching her destination. She passed through The Palisade and spent a short time in Portland, before entering the home stretch of her journey.

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