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Tulay Cross is a large mixture of european livestock guardian and protection dogs, mainly Anatolian Shepherd, though including Kangal dog, Akbash, with a touch of tibetan mastiff owing her size and plush coat which is quick to catch briars if she doesn’t cover it. She is cloaked in a dark, earth brown with dark stripes laying heavily across her frame. The stripes grow smaller as they proceed down her legs. All but her front right paw have paler socks which are a dusty off white. At her neck, she possesses a great ruff of fur which has a broken roan pattern overlaying white, the white continues down her belly all the way to the base of her tail. She blames a distant western relative for the spots on her collar of white. Crowning her neck, she has a strong broad head, marked by arcing stripes which frame golden eyes. Her muzzle is masked in dark umber, broken by her black nose and golden septum ring. Her ears lie soft upon her square shaped head, her left pieced twice, typically displaying a dangling earring made of red stone. Her final crowing achievement is a curled, flag like tail which usually rested upon her back.

In secui, she is much larger and with the mass of her coat, she appears huge and bulking. She finds the form brutish however and rarely takes it as she prefers to do combat hand to hand or with weapons.

Optime is her preferred form. She towers 7 feet tall, her muscles bulked from months of training with heavy weaponry. She typically wears thick leather armor over her shoulder’s and chest, the leather is burnt with soft floral imagery. A red sash is tied around her waist which over lay simple buckskin pants which fall just below her knee. Leather faulds rest against her hips, an extension of the armor on her torso. She keeps her hair tied back in a tight braid, the end secured with a red ribbon. Her face is stern and unreadable, she isn’t quick to show emotions. She carries battle axe attached to her hip, the blade old and worn by the sharp edge carefully sharpened. The handle had been replaced many times over, currently made of sturdy red oak.

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Tulay is hard fast and steady. She is fearless in the face of danger. She was trained to not show anything plainly, not to let others in. She is a protector. Her primary concern is Mischa, then everyone else. She has a dry sense of humor though but tends to loosen up after a few shots of something strong. Tulay is dependable and trustworthy, she does not tell others’ secrets. However, the back of her mind is riddled with anxiety about the future and imminent disaster. The failure in her previous home hung over her like a shroud of doubt. Often she second-guesses herself, and reacts in anger when the answer isn’t quick enough. She’s a soldier without a commander. Her dislike is caustic and grudges sit heavily with her.
Her only softness is her love of livestock. Perhaps it's her breed, but the company of animals eases the restless sea of her mind. She keeps immaculate husbandry, and her animals are groomed and fed. Long voyages with sailors fostered a love for sailing as well, though the journeys were difficult for the animals.
Ultimately, Tulay loves order, for things to be as they should. She thrives in a hierarchical system, with firm lines in the social order. Her wish is to live in safety, honing her craft. She does relish her freedom out of Europe, a bead of ambition beginning to grow within her.
Elias - 15-year-old seal bay gelding, white rear socks, broad white stripe down face, grade, warmblood like features, 16hh
Gala - 10-year-old flashy black mare with her white being a star, Friesian cross (grade_ 17hh
cNPC: Mischa Petrova
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Tulay was born in a small village in western Turkey, her parents were shepherds on vast plains covered in rich grasses. Her family was large, a mixture of similar-minded canines, mostly dogs that tended to sheep. However, her peace there was short-lived.
On a night like any other, she was taken from her home and her siblings, the plains she knew. Her kidnappers took her by horseback to Istanbul, then away and away, a dizzying journey that Tulay hardly remembered. She didn’t know why they came so far to take her, maybe so that no one find her, though she didn’t ask. She didn’t even know if anyone one else had been taken, they didn’t tell her. She was only five months old.
Her journey ended somewhere outside of Kyiv, although she didn’t know it at the time. In fact, there were many things that she didn’t know. She was placed with a tall, long-nosed male who wore a sword at his hip and was covered in padded armor and a cloak that look like it belonged to a wolverine. His name was Borys and he taught her how to be a warrior, but more importantly, a weapon. She was joined by a class of others but she kept her distance. She felt different than them and looked down on. Tulay was given extra lessons. She learned to read and write, albeit slowly. Her brief childhood beyond these walls was talked away, indoctrinated to their will. There was nowhere else for her to go anyway. It became an honor to train with her master's.
Tulay trained and learned for six months. She impressed her teachers, she learned how to ride and keep herself alive in a fight. Not quite before her first birthday, she was given her task. It was the purpose they had intended for her. She was to protect the young daughter of her master’s master. Tulay, of course, would have no choice but to accept. Their settlement was ruled by a conviving family of Borzoi, though their lines had been mixed with wolf, they claimed. Tulay knew it was an honor to serve them.
She was intended to protect her in all parts of her life. At her side. Tulay was introduced to Mischa Petrova. Mischa was long, lean, and covered by soft feathers of fur just like the rest of her family, a gray mask, white collar, and dark gray coat covered her back. She was six months younger than herself and was annoying enough to prove it. The first year was grueling, Mischa was constantly trying to get her into trouble. Tulay would just stand there and Mischa would accuse her of something. She could do nothing right.
At the beginning of their second year together, Tulay saved Mischa from her own horse, which had taken off at a dead sprint. The silver borzoi tolerated her presence slightly more afterward. They managed it for a year, then threats started to pick up against the family. Their methods weren’t necessarily ethical, Tulay understood, though she wasn’t told the specifics.
A fire was set in the house and it was the beginning of the end. Mischa’s father became unsafe and angry, always finding a way to bring them down. Those that thirsted for his downfall quickly populated the shadows. Tulay was charged to protect Mischa, not the Lord and Lady. Though, the two were becoming one and the same as things fell apart. They had to leave. Chaos struck in the night.
Tulay and Mischa fled. Both were unsure if the Petrova patriarch was alive or dead. Mischa became somewhat despondent after leaving her home. Tulay began to miss the young woman's pokes and prods, it was certainly better than silence. They left via Istanbul, on horseback, though had to sell them at the port before leaving on the ship leaving trouble behind. There were too many familiar faces.
It took weeks of seafaring to make it to Lisbon. Tulay wanted to get far, far away from the disaster left at home. They had traded away many of their belongings though Mischa still squirreled away a few items. Portland was next from there. Tulay supposed that was the furthest they could get for now. After more months of traveling, the sea felt almost as steady as land.
When they came to rest in Portland, Tulay could not quite become relaxed. She didn’t like being in a port town. Despite all the changes, her original purpose is still kept with her to protect Mischa. There were whispers in Portland though, of a place that can keep secrets, just a bit further north. Tulay had to barter for a pair of horses, older than she would've liked but still workable. She saddled them that night. Perhaps the word would come someday, demanding them back. Or maybe they would never be found.
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