Cabela Schofield


Date of Birth:
29th March 2013
Cabela has a muscular, but well-proportioned, physique with strong legs, a long torso, and a deep chest that allow for increased endurance to track quarries over long distance. Her pendulous ears hang low from her skull and her longer-than-average flews give her muzzle a blocky appearance, though neither are excessive in length. Although not especially dramatic, Bel has a dewlap that her short, sleek haircoat does nothing to conceal. Her long tail is set high and ends in a conspicuous white tip.

A lifetime of hard-won survival and explicit mistrust has rubbed away anything that once made Cabela beautiful in her earlier years. Her pawpads are calloused and abrasive and her nose is rough and cracked. Hidden beneath a permanent glower, her frosty blue eyes evoke unfriendliness while her expression, when not displaying obvious aggression, oscillates between stoic neutrality and arrant contempt. She pulls her straight, thin mane back into a bun secured with hair pins made of bone, allowing her greying face to be unobstructed from view.

Genetically, Bel has a Black Merle coat with Brindle points and White Trim. There appears to be an Intensity factor affecting her phaeomelanin, causing her brindle points to be paler than usual in color. She has ghostly Blue Eyes that look stark against the darker patches of her coat.
Age and rancor has turned Bel into a deeply unpleasant old woman. Indelicate, unsmiling, and blatantly disagreeable, Cabela doesn't have to verbalize what she thinks about the world, never mind the Luperci who inhabit it, for those around her to make a fairly accurate guess. The betrayal by her husband — the one Luperci who Bel thought she could trust and rely on forever — shattered everything that she thought she knew about the world and the Luperci around her, resulting in a refusal to trust others, her overt misandry, and a feeling of necessity to put herself first in any and all decisions.

Preferring solitude, Cabela does not typically engage in conversations or the sharing of opinions unless such matters directly impact her or her beliefs. Although she is relatively good at maintaining her composure and ignoring attempts to get a rise out of her, Bel is capable of violent aggression and will engage in a fight if it is in her best interest to do so. Biologically male Luperci, in particular, are capable of provoking her ire, whether they did anything intentional against her or not. She is known among her present company to castrate testicle-havers whenever the opportunity presents itself.
Cabela got her start among the lower caste within the Structure. Banding together a group of Luperci with similar goals and abilities, she and her husband, Abernathy Waites, lead a tight-knit coterie of trackers, spies, and mercenaries that traded their services for various necessities, forging alliances and a reputation both within and without the Structure. Together, Bel and Abe spent years taking odd jobs, maintaining order within their coterie, and raising their children for much the same work. Their life was never easy and survival often stood on a razor's edge, but their coterie was like family and they were stronger together.

Until they weren't.

One by one, members of their coterie began to go missing only to turn up dead some time later. Suspecting that there was a double-crosser among them, their trust in one another gradually began to degrade. Some members fled, others turned on one another, most wound up dead. By the time Bel realized that it was her own husband who had orchestrated the deaths and disappearances of their own people, only she and Abernathy remained. After a brief, but violent, scuffle, Cabela murdered her husband and ended the carnage.

Despite vowing to never trust another living soul again and vehemently swearing off friendship (never mind the concept of ''love''), Bel eventually fell in with a selective group of other Luperci as a means to survive, though she maintains her independence and professes to live only for herself.
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