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3rd November 2022
Bastrop is a thick-set hybrid, showing a lot of his dog heritage in his heavy build and the thickness of his fur, which seems to be thicker around his neck and furnishings. His large ears speak volumes of his coyote blood however, fitting in well with the young man's already large head.

Bastrop's fur is a mixture of sleek black, cream white and auburn browns. The base of his coat is white, around his legs and stomach, before then layering up into the warm browns and black across his side and back. His face is mostly black, with the auburn brown lined around his ears, the flat of his nose and brow. White breaks through the black fur around Bastrop's eyes and mouth, as well as some signature white dots down his forehead, very similar to his dad's. His eyes are a striking orange glow like his mother's.

Even young, Bastrop is muscular, however slightly more thicker set than his dad. Once shifted he will stand decently tall for a coyote mix, with wide set shoulders and long limbs. His hair is kept cut in a choppy mess around his head, a style not yet chosen by the kid, though typically just shoved under a hat to keep away.
Bastrop is a quiet soul. Always with a face like he's brewing up ideas, most of Bastrop's expression comes out in what he does, rather than how he speaks or acts in himself. Incredibly proactive, Bastrop likes being able to do things with himself, be that in helping others or working on his own ideas or getting better at his chosen skills. Wanting to work with his mother and sister, Bastrop has taken an interest in crafting things, especially in leatherwork and textiles. His favourite past-time would be to sit in silence all day whilst working on a project.

Whilst soft-spoken, Bastrop has a big heart, expressed in how close he remains to his sister and family. Empathy comes easy to the boy, especially around large animals like horses, but he doesn't come across as someone who cares a lot, it's more demonstrated in his actions. His incredibly close relationship with his sister means he often feels the most himself around Eos, knowing that his sister will always have his back.

Most of how Bastrop acts is influence from his sister and mother, however his father remains an idol in Bastrop's mind. He longs to be as confident as his dad, often trying to copy things that Wayne does to see if it fits.
Bastrop was born alongside his sister during the late Autumn to Anya Southpaw of the Del Cenere Gang and her distant lover, Waynescott Wyatt. Although being distant might have made things difficult for the two pups going up, Wayne made sure to visit often enough that Anya was never left as a single parent for too long. The La Mano was an excellent mother anyway, often bringing the two pups with her whilst she worked to get them used to it. For Bastrop, he grew up almost joined at the hip to his sister, extremely close to her in a way only siblings could. Whenever their dad visited, Bastrop would take any opportunity to follow Wayne around, asking his dad about as many stories as he could think to ask about.

Being around the shop so much with their mother allowed Bastrop to think from an early age about what he wanted to do once he could shift and earn a job as an adult. For Bastrop, he wanted to make things like his mother, but also somehow be as cool as his dad at the same time. Bastrop was confident in sticking next to his sister as they grew up however, the two of them often dreaming about having a shop or stall of their own to sell goods.

Discovering how to become this person in his head, Bastrop looks forward to growing up alongside Eos to see how well he can fit into his future.
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