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68.75% coyote, 25% dog, 6.25% wolf
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9th April 2022
Ariadne stands at five foot eleven inches, with long flowing hair, which is currently just past her shoulders. Her coat is a compilation of pale tans, medium to dark greys, sandy browns and off white markings, with combining aspects of both of her parents pelts.

Most of the grey accents are along the back and partially on the tail, with a partial mask of grey completed by the sandy brown and tan on her face. The sandy brown touches also exist most prominently on the tip of her tail and enveloping her digits on both hands and feet.

The off white coloring is mainly expressed on her muzzle and throat, extending down to the center of her collar and throughout her mane of hair, accented by the mild tan shade that covers the top of her arms and legs. A paler tan colors the underside of her arms and legs, as well as the front of her torso/underbelly in Lupus or Secui.

Ariadne has a rosy pink eye color, inherited from her father's side of the family. Her fur texture is a little finer than the average coyote, though thick as any coyote in winter and equally durable. She has a willowy, svelte frame, more feminine than Aether.
Ariadne's formative experiences for her personality lean more in favor of her mother, Whisper. She is one that endeavors to act in a manner that she deems to be graceful and polite, though having inherited a discerning eye and tongue against talk that was flowery when thorns were intended. With a strong value for wit, she endeavors to always improve hers, in knowledge and in words.

She often leads with compassion and consideration, appreciating a gentler approach to situations when most applicable. She has developed an appreciation for nature and a fascination with the spiritual, not only in what she had been taught personally either. A budding socialite, Ariadne is happy to converse with any and all that would be willing to talk to her as an equal, and quietly disinterested with those who would not.

Ariadne has a calm self-confidence about her, and isn't afraid to speak clearly to someone who is perceived to be in a higher status than herself if it suits her needs or interests. In discussions she keeps a keen ear out for what may gain her a more favorable position, and will use said knowledge to help herself and others.

While still a little young at the time of writing, Ariadne will in the future develop a flirtatious aspect of her personality, both to be playful and to use her feminine grace in order to charm someone if deemed appropriate.
Mother: Whisper Mayflower
Father: Theodore Reeves
Sister: Aether Reeves
Aunt: Alessandra Reeves
Ariadne was born in the midst of the DCG Residence Reconstruction to Whisper Mayflower and Theodore Reeves alongside her sister, Aether Reeves. She has lived a relatively normal childhood in the pack, growing up in the security of protected territory and learning all that she can about herself, her family, and her peers.

Following in her mother's footsteps, Ariadne wishes to learn more about herbalism, as well as the subtle art of speech in her own interests. She's developed a strong bond with her sister and seeks friendships with who would talk to her easily.

Due to some past transgressions of their father, the family had traveled to shelter Ariadne and Aether with their relatives in Casa di Cavalieri, with their parents being ambushed on the way and the girls having been found by traveling cavaliers and escorted the rest of the way.

After said events, the family reunited in Casa's Wolfville, and shortly thereafter the matter haunting Theo was settled, and the two sisters were introduced to distant relatives, namely their aunt Alessandra, grandmother Lidia, and step-grandfather Hector. With their grandparents leaving to trek back and their aunt living in the neutral territories, the siblings take every opportunity that they can to go visit their aunt.
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