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19th November 2021
Olivier’s appearance is a nigh carbon copy of the deceased grandfather he never met, and he carries the burden with some modicum of grace; the charcoal agouti of his coat has minimal light tones, and his pale wheat yellow eyes are a sharp contrast to his monotone palette.

The 6’4” Olivier is stereotypically coyote in his physique, with tapered, fox-like features, large ears, and a rather unassuming build. Thanks to much of his warm-climate subspecies, his coat does not come in particularly thick, and it blows out even sleeker come the summertime months. He exemplifies much of the standard appearance for the Ardoix family, sporting dark, wavy hair, bright eyes, and a classically refined posture; and, as such, he’s mildly prone to the family’s vanity as well.

Of a fastidious and largely humanized nature, he bathes frequently and is almost always well-dressed and groomed when not buried in his work as a gardener and distiller. He smells strongly of vanilla, with notes of black pepper, incense, patchouli, tobacco, and salt, all used to cover up the more unpleasant scents of his labors. He tends to dress in layers – button ups, overcoats, trousers – and styles himself in trappings that toe the line of Regency aesthetics. He likes to wear ties, ascots, and other small signifiers of wealth, but never goes to excess.

He speaks in a very proper and enunciated Southern drawl, unhurried in cadence or tone, and he almost never raises his voice. His understated movements are calculated, subdued, and purposeful, never wasteful unless agitated. Olivier’s overall presence is calm and firm, though unobtrusive, as he knows how to claim space and maintain a refined, mannerly bearing while not often making any attempts to draw attention.
There is a soft-spoken cleverness about Olivier that is hard to miss. First encounters often leave others with the impression that he is a generous altruist of subtle charm, oscillating between buttoned-up patrician and devout peacemonger. He coasts upon an undercurrent of ingenuity and refinement, fashioned by his upbringing into a bastion of smartness and niceness that serves well to inspire trust in others. At his core, he is an experimenter, investigator, and architect – a “scientist” of the times – beneath the polished veneer of a handsomely composed aristocrat.

But just as there are two sides to every coin, there are two faces to the gentlemanly Olivier.

For as polite and pious as he seems, the Ardoix can be just as corrosive, scheming, and unscrupulous. He is both politically and socially savvy with no qualms about using left-handed or smooth-tongued tactics to achieve his vision. At times, it is only his superstition that keeps him from indulging in immoral thoughts.

Most negatively, Olivier’s natural ambition is plagued with bouts of terrible envy and ugly resentfulness towards the success of others. He is vain but insecure, desiring status as a way to prove to himself and others that he is worthy of respect, if not idolization.

A goal-oriented pragmatist, he actively uses tact and charisma like rungs on a ladder aimed at his lofty objectives, while he internally writhes beneath any and all expectations of him. He wants nothing more than to walk his own path, no matter how dark the road turns. And it is this callous (sometimes malevolent) mindset that continuously ushers his personality into the dark triad territories: Machiavellianism, narcissism, and psychopathy.
Sofia Ardoix (Mother), Octavia Ardoix (Sister)
Haytham Bornhardt (cNPC, Dog)
Olivier (oh-lihv-EE-ay) Ardoix was born alongside sister Octavia to the sitting Proprietor of Palisade, Sofia. He never knew his absentee father, Broussard Forte, outside of his name; and, whilst he and his sister are bastards, they grew up with relative prosperity and comfort raised by his mother and aunt. Even young, however, he was not free from the ever-present leash of expectation or the saddling of the status of his birth. While mother Sofia worked hard to instill a firm work ethic and knowledge surrounding plants, their benefits, and their potential dangers in him, a restlessness seized Olivier relatively young.

The very present and very real potentiality of his maturation turning him down the route of resentment has shifted his outlook. His has always been the appearance of a ghost – his actions seemingly predetermined by the eyes of the adults which shaped him, and while he sought to do the Ardoix family proud, he weighed his own bitterness in equal measure and strove, sourly, to break from the mold that had been built around him.

Olivier left Palisade to join his sister in the Del Cenere Gang in early spring of 2023. As he acclimated to the political climate at his new residence and nosed about his chosen professions, he established a working relationship with fellow Encender, Haytham Bornhardt, a dog in the coyote clan who felt disillusioned with the pack. Olivier made a blood pact with the hound to help one another, intending to use him as an accomplice to help dig in his own roots.
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