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50% C. lupus manningi, 25% C. l. lycaon, 12.5% C. l. occidentalis, 12.5% C. latrans thamnos
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5th May 2011
Luperci Ortus

[Image: safina_optime_by_lalabigmac-d62k8sx.png]
True to her primarily Baffin Island Wolf origins, Safina is covered in silky white fur that is completely unmarred. Her fur is slightly longer and thicker than the fur of other wolves because of her arctic heritage. A long, smooth mane sweeps down to her lower back like a white waterfall, but she is almost always seen wearing it in one or two loose, thick braids that trail over and below her breasts, almost reaching her small waist. A few small tendrils of hair hang loose around her face. The hair near the front of her face is shorter, so she usually wears it as long, sweeping bangs with a side part. Her hair is soft and silky to the touch. Oftentimes, Sefina weaves white-and-black feathers--gifted to her by Ahiri--into her braid(s).

Another hair reference

She is 5'8", making her rather short for a Luperci in Optime form. Safina is not a voluptuous female, but she still has nice curves for a small, lithe wolf weighing just 155 lbs. A flat stomach and thin waist grow out into hips that are feminine and curvy, but delicately so. Her breasts are not overly small or large; they're equivalent to a C-cup, and contrast with her thin waist nicely. She is clearly built for speed and stealth, not strength, as she is not overly muscled. Her thinner frame is one of the few things she inherited from her hybrid father. Her tail is long and bushy, a clearly arctic trait. The retractable claws in her forepaws are long and black, and the pads on her paws are black as well. Her forepaws are ever-so-slightly large for her size. This is yet another arctic trait she possesses that has been lessened by her mixed heritage. Larger paws help arctic wolves traverse snow better.

A black nose sits at the end of her long, tapering muzzle, another trait inherited from her father. Her big eyes are dark blue and rimmed by black lids. Her ears are slightly rounded and triangular in shape and are well-proportioned with the rest of her body. Her voice is sweet and and she is a good singer. As far as her looks go, Safina is pretty much the spitting image of her mother, or so her father told her, and she is a very pretty female. Her attractiveness lies not in overt sexiness, but in true beauty and sweet innocence.

She has two titanium hoops pierced into her left ear. A thin black cord hangs from her neck, bearing a bird-shaped charm carved from bone. Safina also wears a leather cord (in black) around the upper portion of her right arm. The suede-like cord has two tassels that hang about two inches below the band. She acquired her jewelry during her travels across Canada with her father. They often traded with tribes, and some of the tribespeople would dote on her and give the sweet girl gifts and trinkets.

Safina usually wears a black cloak with decorative white stitching all around the hem when she's traveling and on colder days. She made the simple garment herself. The stitching is certainly not master craftsmanship, but it did require some skill. The white stitches form small vines with leaves, swirls, and stars. Once she improves on her craft, Safina hopes to incorporate more detailed needlework. She has no problems going without clothing, but on occasion she will don a black tunic dress. The dress, also made by her, has the same decorative hem stitching as the cloak. For now it is a bit simpler than the reference, but she will soon alter it to achieve this level of detail.


[Image: safina_secui_by_lalabigmac-d62k63f.png]
Her Secui form is pretty similar to the Lupus form, but thicker and larger, with more muscle mass and a very thick mane that makes her appear much larger than she actually is. She weighs about 80lbs. in this form. The coyote blood she bears comes out more in Secui form through her muzzle, which elongates. Her claws are also extremely long in Secui form, so she takes this form sometimes if she is desperate for food or defense. Of her four-legged forms, this is the one she would most likely assume.


[Image: safina_lupus_by_lalabigmac-d62k5ct.png]
On the rare occasions where she is in Lupus form, Safina is small with a thin build perfect for agility. She only weighs about 40lbs. in this form Most of her Optime traits carry over into Lupus form, including her long white fur, black nose, dark blue eyes, long black claws, and black paw pads. Her legs are rather long in this form but she is well coordinated. She is thin but not to the point of emaciation, but her fluffy arctic fur makes her appear slightly more massive. She is not a physically imposing wolf and lacks bulky muscle mass; rather, she has lean muscles, good for endurance rather than brute strength. She looks like a true Baffin Island Wolf in this form, and none of the other species in her heritage are really apparent in Lupus form. The hoops in her ears remain on her while in Lupus form, but not her other pieces of jewelry. She hasn't taken on this form since she gained the ability to shift.
Safina is above all a kind, optimistic soul. She tries very hard to show every creature she knows love and kindness. Looking for the best in everyone is one of her most important qualities, but this optimism sometimes results in her being used by others. Her optimistic outlook also means she sometimes fails to think ahead, although she is not a stupid wolf by any means. She's quick to grasp things, although sometimes she gets caught off-guard in social situations.

Those who are rude or unkind toward her usually elicit her submission rather than reciprocated negativity or violence. Safina is also very respectful and submissive when interacting with others, particularly those older than her or of superior rank to her. She does not want to offend anyone; first impressions are important to her. However, she would be quick to forgive anyone who made a bad first impression on her if they did something to redeem themselves. Finding the good in everyone is something she tries to do.

She is a fit wolf from her travels and work as a trader, but she is not extremely powerful, nor is she knowledgable when it comes to self-defense; instinct would guide her in a fight, and she would probably be at a disadvantage due to that, as well as her small size. However, she would not hesitate to defend herself or someone she cared for if necessary.

Those who meet the female may describe her as sweet, good-hearted, generous, hardworking, loving, creative, accepting, relaxed, submissive, innocent, enthusiastic, intelligent, clever, curious, patient, protective, loyal, and bubbly. She is generally an outgoing female, and has been learning how to flirt and interact with other in that sense thanks to her new friend, Adrian. She's starting to discover her sexuality and is eager to try more things with new partners, both male and female. Safina used to be shy and awkward around people when flirting came into play, but she's taking more control of her sexuality and is outgrowing her naïveté.

Anger is a trait you'll almost never see expressed in Safina. One would probably have to threaten those she cares for to make her angry. She becomes frustrated with herself if she can't do things perfectly, but that just makes her grow more determined.

She has been sewing since she first shifted, so she is decent at the craft, but has much to learn before she can become a master seamstress. She is capable of sewing garments, bags, home decor items, and miscellaneous things, as well as embellishing items with decorative stitches. She also knows Low speech thanks to Ahiri, her owl. Safina has interacted with horses before but has never ridden. Learning to ride, and eventually acquiring her own horse, are some of her major goals.

Animals and nature are important to Safina. She cannot stand to see an animal abused or mistreated but understands that hunting is necessary, and she appreciates nature for all it provides. She is not religious but feels strong respect for nature. Safina has a voice like honey and loves to sing. Her father changed her last name to Snowbird because the snow-white wolf always sang like a bird once she could shift. She is also a decent cook thanks to her time on the road and exposure to many different cultures. Trading was what she grew up around, so she knows a good deal about how to make a good trade. Reading is not one of her strong skills, but she wants to learn. She loves looking at the sky, either watching clouds go by or gazing at the stars. Spending time with animals is another hobby of hers. She wants to learn more about dancing, painting, carving, jewelry-making and horseback riding. Safina dislikes violence, cruelty, murder, and suffering. She's afraid of isolation above all, but she isn't too fond of thunderstorms either. She has never consumed alcohol or drugs, but wouldn't be opposed to trying these things simply to understand the experience better.

She is best characterized by Lawful Good/Neutral Good alignments.
[Image: SafinaOwlPix_zpse8de4c68.png]Arihi (AH-ree-hee): Safina's snowy owl. She is primarily white but like most female snowy owls has black on her as well. Arihi is about 23" tall with a 51" wingspan. She's a proud bird and generally dislikes other Luperci, particularly male Luperci. She is very attached to Safina though, probably because Safina raised her when she was a chick. She will sometimes give Safina her prettier molted feathers. She has a weakness for rabbit meat and loves having her head rubbed just above her eyes. Her name means 'proud' in a Native American language.

Safina found her in a snowy owl nest while she and her father were traveling. The Luperci had found the remains of adult snowy owls that had probably been killed by a fox. They discovered the nest nearby and found one chick, whom Safina called Arihi. Safina fed her and helped her learn to fly, although the 4-week-old chick had already learned a little about it from her parents before they were killed.

Safina eventually figured out basic Low speech through Arihi.

Mother: Kora, but Safina doesn't really remember her and will likely never meet her
Father: Nikhil Plainswalker
Mate: None, but open
Siblings: None
Children: None, but hopes to have some in the future
Safina's mother was a non-Luperci Baffin Island Wolf whose pack territory bordered Mackenzie Valley Wolf lands. They knew of the shifting wolves because their territory was so far south compared to other Baffin Island wolf packs, but few of their kind ever became Luperci. Their packed lived traditionally as wolves had for thousands of years--until a novice Luperci trader who got lost on the trading routes showed up on their pack lands.

The Luperci, who usually remained in Optime form, was quite a sight to be seen for the fairly isolated pack of non-Luperci. However, he assumed his Lupus form shortly after encountering the pack in order to avoid hostilities from them. The Alphas decided to drive the strange male out anyway, but not every pack member was so wary of him. Safina's mother was intrigued by the male. Pale cream and white fur covered his wiry body, and the coyote blood in him was rather noticeable in his appearance, even though it wasn't the dominant part of his heritage. She followed his scent late at night, and found him camped out just beyond the pack borders. She brought him food and kept him company. She continued to visit him almost every night for a month, and the two found that they were quite fond of each other.

It wasn't long before Safina's mother went into heat. The two were overcome by lust and instinct and began copulating frequently in secret, as only the alpha pair was permitted to mate. Safina's mother became impregnated shortly after.

Out of fear of having her offspring killed, Safina's mother, now a Luperci, left her pack and began traveling with her new mate. She chose to remain in Lupus form for the pregnancy. Life on the road was hard for her and ended up taking a toll on her offspring. She delivered two pups, one stillborn, one living. Safina was small and weak, but her parents refused to let their miracle pup die.

Over the next two months, Safina became much healthier and stronger. Although Safina's mother adored her daughter, she could not identify with the lifestyle of her mate, or her Optime form for that matter. She saw the Optime form as beneficial, but it simply wasn't for her. She chose to return to her old pack, but left Safina to live with her father.

When Safina was about 15 months old, she found her companion, Arihi. The Luperci saved the juvenile owl from starvation. The female learned Low speech from the owl, though she understands birds much better than other mammals, simply because she converses with birds the most.

Safina grew up traveling with her father and eventually began working as a trader. This life was not for her. She didn't like spending days on dusty, bumpy roads with no one but her father and the horses to keep her company. The constant threat of being ambushed was also terrifying, even though they were lucky enough to never have had their caravan ambushed before. She didn't mind trading and selling, but the occasional ogling male made the inexperienced youth feel nervous. She'd never spent much time around any male other than her father and had no idea how to respond to flirting, other than blushing heavily and stammering. She also wanted to settle down someplace, maybe find a mate if she ever overcame her awkwardness, and learn things, like defending herself, or perhaps some skills. She picked up sewing from some customers they'd met, but she wanted to dedicate more time to it, develop it as more than a hobby to pass time on travel days. Some of the customers she and her father worked with spoke of pack lands in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. They sounded like paradise to her. When she and her father reached Montreal, Safina made the decision to start her own journey.

Two weeks later, Safina found herself in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. She made her way across the peninsula and finally found the pack she'd been looking for: Cercatori d'Arte. She claimed a home in the Town Square section of Thornbury.
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