Lev Prizmov

The Tradesman

The Tradesman
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Date of Birth:
26th January 2018
Not dissimilar to a willow tree, Lev Prizmov is tall and on the thinner side.

He lacks the pure muscle and bulk that his brother, Egregore Prizmov, has. He inherited only the face of his mother. His right eye is gilded with gold and his left eye is frozen in an icy blue. In the center of his forehead is a dark, silvery spot that relatives have often likened to a third eye (much to his great chagrin). A streak of his Optime mane is shadowed thanks to this forehead spot.

He parts his hair to his right side and out of his eyes. He crops it short and prefers it cut this way. He styles it carefully with whatever materials are available to him: wax, fat, etc. Whilst he lacks the beard that is typical of his bloodline, he still sports a good amount of dense fur. Longer featherings of fur flow away from his ankles and wrists. He only trims these tufts when they gets in the way of writing at his desk.

The single scar Lev bears is the Hand of Eris. The re-grown tissue there is still newer and pink. The scarification is located on his left hand. He typically will cover this with a glove when in outside Salsola. The Hand of Eris is a permanent reminder of his chosen loyalty to Salsola, given to him by none other than his Segno brother: Egregore.

Lev uses a careful concoction of perfumes to conceal his natural scent, wears masculine clothing that intentionally obscures any curves, and flattens his chest with a cropped and tightly sewn undershirt. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to guess at Lev's birth sex unless he's completely naked. He only disrobes to bathe or change. Your character can only be aware of anything out of the ordinary if they know Lev extremely well, and Lev keeps very few true friends...

Optime: 6'8"
Secui: 41"
Lupus: 30"
When it comes to the dry and enigmatic disposition characteristic of his House, Lev is no exception. His neuroticism can tend towards both anxiety ridden existential dread and resigned, apathetic depression. He is an expert when it comes to keeping emotions such as fear or sorrow from his face. His survival oft depended on his ability to conceal these vulnerable expressions. Lev may allow his scrutinizing eyes to sharpen into irritation or his mouth to twist in disgust in day-to-day interaction.

It is difficult to scare Lev. Those that can (his brother Egregore chief among them) strike fear into his heart trigger a response of pure panic that overwhelms Lev absolutely.

Lev's smile is a rare sight indeed. He indulges heavily in his literary, artistic and historical passions to feel anything that resembles joy. He is withdrawn as a result. He is dedicated to his work and is loyal only to those that truly earn his respect and trust. He is not outgoing in the slightest. In spite of this, he is motivated to network in Salsola and learn how to feel less stiff and formal in social encounters.

He hopes to carve out a place for himself in the world and prove his name as something separate from his brother's reputation. That personal desire is auxiliary to a larger priority in mind: save the rest of his kin from the horrors of their generational suffering. Egregore has been a difficult adversary and heavy obstacle in the way of this goal. Lev has much to learn if he is to have any chance against him.

The game begins.
Best friend: Anton Goldkill

Mother: Lyuba Chernbelov
Father: Gavriil Chernbelov
Littermates: Egregore & Niko Prizmov

Cousins: Jekaterina & Innokentiy Prizmov
Nieces & nephews: Vol, Eris, Dar, Kastor & Timur Prizmov
Content warning: This section of this character's profile alludes to CSA, religious trauma, delusion, violence, and more.

The time has come to make things right.

Born in Moscow to a cult leader mother and the deceased father she cannibalized before his birth, Lev was born named [EXPUNGED] Chernbelov alongside Niko and Svyatoslav Chernbelov.

The litter’s upbringing in the hands of the Prosveshchennyy (Enlightened) people was extraordinarily dark, Lev’s especially. Lyuba’s perception of her children was touched by delusion whispered into her ear by her cousin, Diana. The Prosveschennyy believed Diana was an oracle capable of giving startlingly accurate prophecies. The future she divined from her ritual methods were held in sacred regard by her cult family.

Before Lev, Niko and Egregore’s birth, she gave Lyuba Chernbelov a prophecy about them.

“<The spirits tell me…>”

“<What are they saying?>”

“<They tell me…>”

“<Hurry up!>”

The hearth that burned before the two cult members roared. Lyuba’s wrathful face lit up in the hellish glow with fury. Diana hissed when what she believed to be an omen flared up.

“<...They tell me that you are impatient. Sit by the fire and look into the flames, Lyuba. Are you prepared?>”

What Diana told her cousin that night would haunt not just haunt Lyuba forever, but it would haunt her children, too.

“<I see your children. Among them is an Enlightened man whose Soul will make him capable of Ascending with the most powerful Enlightenment possible for a mortal like us. He need not consume the Minds of others to achieve it, but someone of his Blood must consume his after his Baptism to give him this power after his Rebirth… Someone like you must fill his Lungs with the baptismal fontwaters, open his Mind, and partake. After his Rebirth, an Innocent child of my own will become his Advisor.>”

Svyatoslav Chernbelov. Zane “Zero” Blackbourne. Chimera. Blood. Soul. Mind. Lungs. Egregore Prizmov.

“<...I see a spiritually gifted woman. Her inherent gift for the supernatural will strike fear into the hearts of the unenlightened and the unworthy. Your memory will live on in her Mind forever. So will the memory of other Souls…>”

[EXPUNGED] Chernbelov. Annika. Specter. Upyr. Matyushka. Niko Prizmov.

“<I see a cursed man. His Soul is not capable of Enlightenment at all. He is useless.>”

[EXPUNGED] Chernbelov. Lev Prizmov.

At first, Lyuba believed the cursed man to be Niko. Over the first year of her children’s lives, she quickly realized this was not the case. The cursed man was Lev. Following the litter's first shifting, Lev realized what style of clothing he preferred and so had Annika. The pieces Diana had supposedly given her fell into place. Lyuba thought she had put together why Niko had such an inclination towards magic.

The family dynamic changed in an instant.

Niko was no longer the forgotten runt of the litter. Egregore remained their mother’s favorite, and Niko became her second favorite.

Lev became Lyuba’s newest pincushion.

She subjected Lev to countless punitive horrors as measures to “fix” and “redeem” him. She forced him to cannibalize strangers she dragged to their home in Moscow, left him alone in the woods or locked him in his bedroom for days on end, and did something unspeakable to him more than once…

Lev still feels her hands on his fur to this day and shudders.

Soon after his first shift, Lev was betrothed to a girl in the cult that was far too young for him. The realization that Lyuba had always intended this dawned on him with cold dread. That was why she treated him that way.

There was no escaping it. The promise was made for Lev and his supposed betrothed before either of them were born.

More time passed. The “special baptism” Lyuba had consistently referenced throughout the litter’s childhood came quickly for Egregore. Their mother gathered Lev, his siblings and their cousins at the bank of a still pond. She led Egregore into the waters and forced his head under. Egregore did not struggle at first, unaware of what was about to happen.

Lev, Niko and their cousins, Jekaterina and Innokentiy, watched as a fight for life and death unfolded. Egregore burst from the water and killed their mother in front of all them. It was in self defense, yet Lev was left wondering if the brutality with which he struck her down was necessary. He wondered the same of the manic grin on his brother’s face as he disemboweled their mother.

The Prosveshchennyy chased him, his siblings and his cousins out of Moscow for Egregore's crime. Egregore led his frightened siblings and cousins to St. Petersburg, a place where he recalled Lyuba mentioning they had family. The weary family journeyed together until they finally reached St. Petersburg and their Detya relatives.

The Detya cult accepted Lev, Niko, Innokentiy and Jekaterina into their fold. They rejected and turned Egregore away for murdering one of their number: Lyuba. Niko promised to find him again someday. Lev knew the same was true of Innokentiy even if it was unspoken.

Lev remained on the fence. He was uncertain if he cared to find his brother or not.

Egregore stalked away from St. Petersburg's holy and metaphorical gates. He disappeared into the night, enraged and full of bitter despair.

Lev’s brother and mother were gone, but so was the unwanted betrothal Lyuba chained him to before. He was content to live among the Detya in the museum. It was a lifestyle that left a bitter taste in Lev’s mouth, but it was preferable to life among the Prosveshchennyy.

One day, Lev saw his cousin, Innokentiy, packing up their belongings as though they intended to leave for a long time. He followed after them until they boarded a boat and stowed himself away with the ship’s cargo. Lev thought he snuck in unnoticed until Innokentiy, detective wannabe since their youth, came into the cargo hold and confronted him for following them. Lev feared that they were angry with him for this. Instead of shouting or reacting with any other abuse, however, Innokentiy invited Lev to come along with him on their journey.

They told him they were looking for Egregore.

With some hesitation, Lev accepted the invitation. Egregore still owed him a favor from their childhood, Lev said. That was the only reason he gave his cousin before they arrived in London, where Innokentiy believed Lev’s brother had disappeared to.

Innokentiy was both right and wrong. Egregore did indeed live in London for a time. He even adopted an alias, Zane “Zero” Blackbourne, and studied under a doctor named Dalton Thornton there. Unfortunately for his searching family, had Egregore already fled London by the time they arrived. He killed his mentor Dalton and disappeared from England entirely despite the family of Dalton searching tirelessly for their culprit. Innokentiy politely (and perhaps a tad trivializingly) informed them that they would never find him and left with Lev in tow.

Innokentiy tailed Egregore’s trail until they and Lev sailed to a foreign land called Nova Scotia. It was there that Innokentiy and Lev finally found him. He forged another new name for himself in yet another new home: Salsola. He promised Innokentiy and Lev great things if the two of them joined the thistle kingdom and adopted a new family name: Prizmov.

Things were alright for Lev in Salsola for a period. The man Lev thought was his brother was very different from the brother Lev grew up next to in Moscow, however. He could not get over that bad taste in his mouth, not with Egregore still carrying on traditions like cannibalism. It was too reminiscent of their childhood. Instead of growing closer together, the ocean of distance remained between the two brothers in spirit… in Soul and Mind.

Old tensions and new conflicts escalated when Innokentiy, Egregore’s now-mate, chased his first servant (and ex-lover) from Salsola. The Prizmovs still have no idea where Polymorph Prismshard disappeared to. Egregore and Lev searched for days, but without Innokentiy's help, it was not possible.

“<I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I didn't know you were pregnant. Just - don't hurt me,>" Lev begged Egregore.

In secret, his brother exiled Lev from House Prizmov to Fort Preble. At the Salsolan outpost, Lev did not make too many friends. He was much more withdrawn than his brother was, so he struggled to network at the same rate he did. As Egregore rose through the ranks and into Faction Apprenticeship, Lev stagnated at the Confidant rank.

One of few friends he made there were Khalifa D’angelo, who taught Lev some of the skills he knew as a merchant. He introduced Lev to his children: Farron, Marik and Arkana. Lev did not grow too close to Khali and his family.

The last friend Lev made over the duration of his stay at the Fort was Anton Goldkill,. Anton saved Lev's life when he nearly drowned in a pond. Lev did not remember how he wound up in the pond, but he would never forget Anton’s kindness. Anton was an outsider, but he still loved Lev.

On a particularly cursed day, Lev received a letter from his brother. Egregore soon came to collect him and quickly escorted him back to Salsola proper.
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