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28th October 2009

Born to a coyote loner, Vesper was raised in Mer Bleue until her father, Marcel Moineau, found and destroyed her family. She roamed as a feral loner, a brat picking fights, until she contracted the Luperci virus through a violent attack. Inferni took in the injured coywolf, and Vesper found her place as a scout, rising through the ranks. She became a subleader under Ezekiel de le Poer and served during the first Boreas Conflict. Following Myrika Tears' ascent to Aquila, Vesper became her subleader and later her mate, raising three children and adopting two more with her.

However, her life in the clan was shaken by several betrayals from comrades and loved ones alike. Her paranoia increased to a breaking point during the Inferni and Cour des Miracles War, when one of her commanders betrayed her. Shortly after exiling Marlowe and ending the war, Vesper usurped her mate and became Aquila (breaking the several-years tradition that a Lykoi should lead Inferni) which put her at odds with her daughter Vicira Tears.

The Second Boreas Conflict and a traumatic kidnapping shattered Vesper's already fragile psyche, and she briefly relinquished the role of Inferni's commander to Vicira by necessity. However, the experience brought them closer together -- for a time.

Vesper led through a peaceful spring and summer, until her dear friend Virue was attacked and turned Luperci by a member of Salsola (Vesper's old enemy). She attacked one of their noncombatants seeking vengeance. The Inferni-Salsola War began and brought with it terrible destruction. Salvia Eternity seriously injured Vesper in battle, and in the weeks following the D'Neville Mansion was razed to the ground. Multiple losses (including the death of her adoptive son and oldest confidant) broke Vesper, and she allowed Vicira to take over the clan.

The new Aquila migrated Inferni to the Eastern Realms, where the clan faced a terribly harsh winter. Spring brought a reprieve from starvation, but times remained lean, and coyotes died. Come summer, storms and sickness brought more death and despair to Inferni, until Vicira decided to disband them. Conflicted, Vesper opted to remain behind in the territories with Clover.
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