Roanoke Winthrop


Coyote dominant hybrid
Date of Birth:
11th June 2022
At first glance, Roanoke Winthrop could be described as a lanky and fairly threadbare young man. All limbs, no limits, and no idea what to do with his hands. He's cute -- in that awkward and unsteady sort of way, like one of those leggy new born deer learning how to walk for the first time. He's not quite sure what he's doing, but hey, there he goes. He sure is doing, something.

Roanoke has been told for as long as he can remember that he looks like his father -- and he's inclined to agree that he shares his sharp features and his bright green eyes -- but he thinks he resembles his mother more. He has her colors, those soft greys that slowly bleed into warmer tones running down his legs and the bridge of his face.

There is a gentle nature to Roanoke. Warmth. Innocence. It shows in a friendly face -- and a smile, often offered without a catch.

He stands at a middling (among Luperci) 6'1'' and weighs roughly 180 pounds. Roanoke also distinctly prefers his optime form, as he believes that it offers more utility for work. Hands are pretty cool.

As a son of the Winthrop patriarch, Roanoke has been afforded certain luxuries -- he dresses well, and brings with him a small collection of "day clothes" from Palisade, consisting of various textiles. Though, when working, Roanoke leans more toward utilitarian woolen attire.
For his whole short life, Roanoke Winthrop lives with his head in the clouds. A day-dreamer, he often finds himself completely lost in worlds of his own creation. He likes to tell stories -- even if they're just to entertain himself. Often, that's all they are. It's funny though, how everything can seem so perfect in his head, but when the time finally comes to share, it all just comes out wrong.

Well, it could be worse.

Roanoke can best be defined by his optimism. He is the sort of person to always be looking for the good in something, or someone. It's always there, somewhere, so long as one is willing to look hard enough for it. Having grown up in the Winthrop household, Roanoke has lived a fairly easy life, his parents having shielded from the rougher aspects of the family trade.

He's a pretty gregarious guy, pursuing fun over all else. Sometimes, it's very hard for Roanoke to take a step back and take things seriously. So long as everything's in good fun, no one is getting hurt, right? He can be a bit of a loudmouth too, only realizing his err after the fact.

Nevertheless, despite these less palatable qualities and some big ol' blindspots, Roanoke is ultimately a kind and very caring person who loves deeply and is intensely loyal to his friends and family.

Born to Boone and Dahlia alongside siblings Charlotte, Raleigh and Fletcher, Roanoke has known a life of relative ease and some notoriety as a child of one of Palisade's prominent houses. As a part of the couple's second litter, they were born abroad of Del Cenere, and have had little exposure outside of tales from Boone, Dahlia, their grandfather, or older siblings Lyla & Rhodes.

From a young age, Roanoke idolized his father -- raised on stories of Inferni and the foundation of the Del Cenere Gang, how could he not see the patriarch of the Winthrop family with stars in his eyes? His father and his coyote compatriots were heroes, and heroes always won at the end of a story. No matter the hardships in-between.

It was a childish notion, and deep down, Roanoke supposed he knew that -- but the idea stuck well into his adolescence and took root.

On the eve of Roanoke's first summer, under Boone's direction (believing his boys needed to understand the value of hard work), he worked as a farmhand -- his favorite part was tending the animals, but mostly it just consisted of menial and physical labor befitting Roanoke's aptitude.

Raleigh however, Roanoke's elder brother (by just a few minutes, okay), was Boone's handpicked to take over the affairs of the family one day -- .it made sense, he was always the responsible one. That didn't stop Boone's choice from hurting though.

Grandpa Andrew, a windower with his own damage, ended up taking the boy under his wing. Together, they travel from Palisade to the Del Cenere Gang proper in a trading caravan, arriving just after the Lancaster Stock Show of 2023.
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