Gossamer Dufresne

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19th January 2021
A well-muddled hybrid, Gossamer resembles a fine mixture of his bloodlines. His smaller stature contrasted with large, expressive ears harken back to his coyote heritage, though his muzzle is not so tapered, and his long limbs and slender, slope-backed build suggest wolf blood. Dog genetics are apparent in his coloration, with isabella dilution (including a pinkish-liver nose) and a lavender-blue tongue. His pelt is a chalky color, comparable to bone, lighter on his back and closer to a sandy tone on his face and legs; his tail is banded with these colors, with a pale tip. His fur's texture is silky rather than coarse, with slight waves where the hair is longest.

He prefers his Optime form and maintains his appearance well. His pale hair is well-combed, if prone to errant waves, and kept a little past shoulder length. He bathes frequently and utilizes scented soaps. He tends toward looser-fitting or draping clothing, cinched with wool sashes, and is partial to teal-blue hues that match his seafoam eyes.

His presentation is effeminate, with fluid and preening gestures, and an artificial-high lilt to a voice prone to exaggerated emotion. In solitude, however, Gossamer's presence is more subdued, with sharp focus underlying this stillness.
First meeting Gossamer, one might conclude that he is as delicate as his namesake -- an assumption he prefers not to correct.

Effeminate in his presentation and behavior in contrast with rugged individuals (of either sex) in the community, he tends to stick out like a sore thumb. A youth doted upon by his mother and an adulthood with a servant at his beck and call, Goss shirks hard labor and delegates even simplistic mundane tasks to others if he can -- often with over-the-top batting of his eyelashes and wheedling remarks. He plays up his flirtatiousness and often crosses others' boundaries in doing so.

One would be mistaken in assuming that he's merely a layabout or nuisance, however. Gossamer is shrewd and takes advantage of others' underestimations of him. He preys on the unwitting or generous and waits patiently for the comeuppance of those who look down on him. Abuse in his childhood has made him calculating and defensive, attempting to suss out others' motivations and play the field so that nobody can hurt him. His lack of physical presence has led to expertise in more underhanded methods; very little is beneath him.

Goss was once a kindhearted and sensitive boy, and while he attempts to bury this past self as deeply as he can, he occasionally demonstrates uncharacteristic tenderness and patience with some individuals. Whether anyone will witness more than a glimpse of this depth is yet to be seen.
Mother: Winona Dufresne
Father: unknown
Obedience Ordell (cNPC)
Sunka (horse)
Winona Dufresne was a coydog woman who lived in a small, nomadic pack that wandered the prairies of southern Manitoba. One autumn saw a vagabond join their band for a reprieve from lonely traveling, though he did not linger more than a few months. An attempt at escapism brought he and Winona together for a short-lived affair, the consequences of which Winona bore in the deep of winter: a single son.

Gossamer's puphood was spent in a sling as his mother rode eastward on a stolen horse, as old tensions within the pack came to a head and Winona decided she wanted better for herself and her child. Before she found this better life, however, desperation following an injury drove her into the arms of a band of traders that abused both her and her son. Goss repressed much of this, but not all; it would color much of his motivations and outlook moving forward.

Eventually, the pair was able to leave as Winona recuperated and fatally broke ties with their abusers. Continuing east, they found refuge in Palisade, where Winona's skills in horsemanship and hunting made her an asset to the coyote settlement. She managed to ingratiate herself with the head of the Ardoix family, setting up Gossamer to apprentice with them as a ward. Not long after this, relieved that she had found security for her child, she succumbed to a latent illness.

Gossamer struggled in the months following his mother's death, regressing in the social progress he'd made, until an arrangement between the Ardoix and the Braithwaites granted him a servant companion: a hound girl who bore emotional scars from her own past, too easily startled to be fitting chattel for the Braithwaites. With someone to assist him in the day-to-day, both with chores and as someone to talk to and teach, Goss seemed to heal -- or, at the very least, open back up and do a very good job of pretending to.

Gossamer eventually grew curious about the frequent comings-and-goings of Del Cenerens around Palisade, and decided that he (accompanied by his mother's horse and his loyal servant, of course) would seek out the gang for the opportunities it promised him.
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