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31st May 2008
Prefers Optime form for work, Secui for casual.
In Lupus form, Io looks to be mostly doggish. Dainty coyote features aside, thicker fur coating her limbs, chest and tail showcase her domestic heritage well. He face is thinner than a collie's however, and longer, but her ears are those of a collie's. In this form, she appears less coyote, due to most of her thinness masked by long, heavy fur.
In Secui, while one would assume the bulk of muscle evident in this form shows more of her doggish heritage, but it doesn't. Io looks more coyote in this form. The long patches of fur from her lupus form shorten, and instead look scruffy and short. This cuts down on the added 'weight' on her limbs and show's there natural litheness.
In Optime form, Io looks mostly coyote. With thin, lithe limbs and body, it's only her colouration, ears and oddly fluffy tail that speak of her doggish heritage. Her hair is cut to her just below her shoulders, it has a slight wave to it, but appears almost curly due to the fact it isn't tamed religiously everyday.
Her coat colouration is that of a Collie's deep red markings. Red covers her back, sides and most of her legs and tail. The red is also seen as a split mask on her face. Everywhere else is a sort white colour. Her eyes are an almost metallic silver.
In all forms, she is shapely, but with the daintiness of a coyote.
She will often be seen with knifes if travelling out of territory.
Io is often seen with a golden pocket-watch belonging to her father.
Also has a habit of carrying around a spear given to her by Ulilohi, this is amongst her dearest possessions.
Often wears black feathers in her hair.
Fantastically shit at being faithful relationship wise :|

Io is a very mixed person. But recently she's been more of a sneaky bitch that usual. Her mother is a bad influence. And generally most of her family is. And having spent a few months back home, she's reverted into her old ways.
Io's been through a load of crap. Some good, some bad.
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