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14th February 2013
Samuel is a deep shade of rich mahogany brown, sporting areas of white upon his underside and limbs. The brown that drapes over his head, neck, back, and tail is broken by a triangle of white at his nape, and his ears are a noticeably lighter rust red.

From chin to groin he is covered in a heavy white/brown mix of much variation, his right shoulder being the only exclusion, as it is solid brown; the mix of color extends all the way down to his toes, with the exception of his four ankles that have been splattered with a pure white. White splattered ankles aside, his back legs are a solid brown. Samuel's fur is becoming exceptionally silky, and the fine hairs are beginning to be tipped with shades of his father's ruddier russet. A slim line of white shoots from nose to crown, and his eyes are identical to his mother's bright platinum grey. His wavy hair is auburn red with a streak of white at his bangs.

He was quite heavyset as a youth, appearing plump, stout, and nearly twice the size of his siblings. Samuel has begun to lose his baby fat and slim out since his first shift. He is starting to achieve his older appearance, a naturally broad and well-built adult.

Really though. Samuel is still developing his personality, but is starting to show his destined personality. He will eventually grow into a strong, reliable, honest, romantic, thoughtful young man. Within the family, Samuel is something of the Butler's Golden Boy. Caring, intelligent, compassionate and mature, Samuel can be viewed as one of those annoyingly perfect people we all find in our lives.

At the moment, however, he is immature and his personality is not developed fully. He is prone to daydreaming and will be rather lazy before he takes on a work ethic. Samuel's best motivator is food or anything edible.

He absolutely idolizes his father, a trait that will likely not diminish as he ages (and may also prove to be his biggest flaw). His mother, while not quite the heroic figure Samuel believes his father is, is naturally regarded with deep familial love and affection. His sister Estella is regarded protectively, and his brother Basil is regarded with deep wariness and suspicion most of the time. It will be a while before the boys put down their dueling swords as both instinctively struggle for dominance.
Father- Harvey Butler

Mother- Aoves Butler

Sister- Estella Butler

ARCH NEMESIS/Brother- Basil Butler
Samuel doesn't have a significant history yet. Born to Harvey Butler and Aoves in Halifax, the family moved to Cour des Miracles when the boy was still very young. He, along with his sister, Estella, and brother, Basil, stayed in CdM for all of their young lives. While Basil has left the Court, Samuel has stayed with his parents.
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