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21st March 2010
Luperci Ortus
Lilin prefers Optime Form . She stands at 5ft9 and weighs approx. 161 lbs.

Her hues and markings are very loosely based off Two-Face, the well-known villain featured in the Batman comics. They could be considered a reflection of her beguiling personality and the never-ending struggle to find balance in her life. The left side of her face is the spitting image of her dam and the right side mimic's her sire's distinct features. An achromatic birthmark situated on her forehead separates the black and brown. It appears to be the hebrew letter known as Lamed. Her eyes are a vivid mediterranean blue; if looked at carefully, tinges of darker olive green can be perceived within them - a trait inherited from her grandmother, Miska.

Although primarily midnight black, taking after the Stormbringer side of the family, her chocolate brown underbelly and the tip of her paws are her sire's in color. Her pelt is composed of a thick undercoat, somewhat similar to a long-haired german shepherd dog in volume and density. Certain areas appear to be thicker than others, such as the neck and flanks. Shedding is yearlong and mats are abundant, one of the reasons she is so engrossed in strict personal grooming hygiene.

She has a peculiar obsession with beach-wear, especially long pareos that she likes to use as flowy dresses. Around her neck, a piece of Larimar (also known as the heart of atlantis) on a black cord necklace can be seen.
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