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Dog hybrid x wolf hybrid
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Luperci Verto
Compared to other Luperci, Aspirin is a bit short. When standing at her tallest, she barely makes it past 5'4, but because she hunches over slightly most of the time, she is usually only 5'1. She weighs a meager 98 pounds, and her build is bony and sharp. She isn't much to look at: with small breasts and hardly accented curves, she doesn't compete with many—or perhaps any—other females on the beauty scale. Her pelt is mostly a pale brown color, like that of creamy hot chocolate. Her chest and crotch area are white, with flecks of the tawny brown popping here and there. Her muzzle is also white, also covered in brown spots, and her ears as folded half-way forward, hinting at her dog heritage. Her tail has been ripped off, leaving just a small stubble of it left. Her eyes are a curious lavender shade, bright and inquisitive, the only source of beauty in the girl. Her mane, while a bit short and awfully choppy, is often kept back in a messy bun held together by a ribbon—however, many strands of hair still hang in her face. She is getting used to clothing and wears dresses, and occasionally she dons a crimson cloak given to her as a gift.

She is usually found in her Optime form, as she had been stuck in it for some time, but upon learning to shift with the help of an Infernian, she has returned to her Lupus form—if she wasn't so keen on learning how to adapt in her two-legged form, there is a chance she would have never shifted again after changing to her original form. Her Secui form is still unvisited.

Scar-wise, she is covered in several. There are two on her left arm: one on the shoulder and another on the wrist. Another is on her right elbow, and another lacing around the back of her neck, and there are ones running down the back of both of her thighs. A very long scar runs across her speckled chest, starting at her right breast and ending near her left inner thigh. A cross-shaped scar is on her right shoulder blade on her back, a sign left by the thieves to intimidate her. There are four, very long, very deep slash wounds on her back, starting from the base of her neck and ending where her tail is. They cover her whole back, and seem to compliment the cross scar on her back well. Finally, a small slash is above her left eyebrow. All her scars are of a pink color, as they have healed over. Though they cause no physical pain, they certainly cause emotional trauma.
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By Zyn!

•Initially shy and cautious; warms up to others quickly
•Very respectful and polite; will not speak badly of others intentionally
•Loyal to friends, and hates to see the bad in them (or anyone), despite her pessimism
•Sensitive to touch, even from trusted peers
•Hopelessly pessimistic; afraid of all the worst possible outcomes, even if they're ridiculous
•Submissive and nonviolent
•Social deprivation has made her awkward; often misses cues, hints of sarcasm, and hidden meanings to things

When she was younger, before the whole slavery situation, Aspirin was a happy-go-lucky, bubbly girl. When she was kidnapped from home, however, the optimistic side of her all but vanished, and was replaced by quite a depressing person. She is polite and respectful, and also quite submissive out of fear that another will hurt her for any signs of dominance or rudeness. She also has a child-like innocence that she never grew out of, and she is prone to crying and feeling guilty for matters that aren't even her fault. Her past, though, has left a lasting impression on her. She was socially deprived, so her skills with people are minimal. She can be really awkward, and have a slight stutter when speaking. Her slavery experience had also caused her to be a bit wary of people, and she can seem distrusting at first. However, once one has proved they aren't there to hurt her, she is quick to accept them and will relax immensely.

She is soft-spoken and has trouble expressing her thoughts and feelings. It might take Aspirin a few times before she can adequately describe what she means to say, and she feels embarrassed by her lack of communication skills. She constantly looks over her shoulder, just in case the gang ever comes back to retrieve her and put her back in her "place" as their slave, and also because, despite his death, Aspirin is afraid Sterling will come again to kill her. Though she has recently become able to shift back to her more familiar form, she still tries to stay in her Optime form just as much so she can learn to accomplish more in it; in a pack of artists, one must use their hands, after all. She still loses her footing or stumbles over, though, as her balance and hand-eye coordination are lacking, but she's getting better with practice.

Aspirin—as-per-in, as-prin, whatever strikes your fancy. You know, like the pain reliever. Yep. That aspirin.

She currently resides in a moss-covered house in Thornbury. LOOKIT DAT HOUSE.

(Note: The family surname is Cherrythorne. Aspirin wasn't ever told of it, however, so she doesn't use it.)

Mother — Sarabetha (née D'Marques)
Father — Hugh
Grandmother — Antebellum
Brothers — Cyrus, Blu
Sisters — Clover, Irene, Magenta
Former Master — Sterling
She was welcomed to the world on the north-eastern coast of the Americas. She had a close-knit family consisting of her mother, father, two older brothers from an earlier litter, her litter mates, and a paternal grandmother. For her first months of life, she lived pretty normally along her other three sisters, much like any ordinary pup. Born to a wolf-dog and dog, she retained attributes of both sides of the spectrum, but she didn't stand out much compared to her other siblings: they all looked far more like mutts than wolves. However, what did separate her from the rest was her strange eye color. Violet hasn't been traceable in either side of the family in, well, ever, really.

Perhaps the peculiar shade was what made her the primary target for thieves. Eyes like those were uncommonly rare, you know, at least in that particular part of the country.

While sleeping with the dark of the night as her blanket, scarcely a year old, a pack of kidnappers looking to make a profit on a slave preyed upon the group, and, after a bit of struggle from the adults, managed to swipe away Aspirin from the family and disappear into the darkness. From there, things just got from bad to worse.

She was apart of the gang for months as a slave, forced to meet to their every need. She got no sign of respect or sympathy from her captors, nor did she receive an adequate diet, so the labor and malnourishment caused her to become frail and wiry. She was also abused physically and verbally, causing a vast amount of scars to liter her body.

After some time as a servant, a few members of the group came back with a second slave, one to replace the weak Aspirin. They would sell Aspirin at this point, but they had to travel a bit north before reaching the next town. During this time, the bony girl met her fellow slave—Jorge, a Luperci. They became friends on the journey, but were beat when seen speaking to each other too often.

One night when the group was sleeping in make-shift tents and the servants were out in the cold, Jorge proposed they just made a run for it before the worst came to get them. At first, Aspirin was apprehensive, but eventually, she was coerced to sneak off with the man.

However, they didn't get too far before they faced the wolf posted on guard a few hundred feet away. Jorge fought him off, but not before the thief howled a short, hoarse yap to call the others. Frightened and filled with terror, the slaves quickly ran off from the area, determined not to return there as creatures of bondage.

They had outrun the others during the hours of the night, but come the morning, the band of thieves had caught up to them. For trying to escape, they were beaten and hit and kicked violently, to the point of near-death. They also ripped off a majority of Aspirin's tail, and shattered a good bit of Jorge's ribs. It wasn't until after all the blood loss and broken bones that the gang realized they couldn't sell nor use servants in such critical condition, so instead, they went on their way, leaving the two for dead. They weren't anything but a big waste of time, after all.

Aspirin, unconscious, had been close enough where Jorge's blood had dripped and mixed into her own, contaminating her pureness of the Luperci virus—It wouldn't be until later she actually shifted, however.

Upon awakening, Aspirin was horrified to see the lifeless mass of flesh beside her. Jorge was dead. She was alone again, injured, bleeding. She wasn't as hurt as the man had been, but she was still in agony and pain. She almost vomited when she saw her ragged tail a few inches away from her. She wasn't sure what to do with Jorge's body, however. It felt wrong to leave him. So, after gathering enough strength—although it had taken a day or two to heal up enough—she dragged his form by her mouth over to a river, and lay him in the water, and watched with wet eyes as he drifted down with the current.

She was now aimless, lost, and had no sense of direction. She wasn't good at hunting, so food was scarce. She learned to savage whatever food she could, but on occasion, she could manage to strike down a small rabbit.

Only a few days after the ordeal did she first shift into her two-legged form, and it terrified her. She took several hours to actually find a sense of balance, and after countless times trying to revert to her original form, she just... couldn't. She was stuck as an Optime Luperci.

Some time later, she entered the land of 'Souls, which wasn't too far away from where she had been after being left for dead, and found food a bit easier. Aspirin had met a traveler telling her of good packs in this land, which would provide a great deal of protection, and a decent meal for each day. That thought of hope was the only thing keeping her going at that point, and it soon paid off in full—not only did she find a place to call home, but she built a strong friendship with the man that, upon seeing her being destroyed by him, ended the life of her master, Sterling. Other friends and small victories were won as well, and with the fear of slavery gone, there's virtually nothing holding her back.

... That is, not counting the nightmares and irrational fears that still plague the poor wolfdog. Said nightmares, also accompanied by paranoia, insomnia, depression, and endearing thoughts of returning to slavery, caused Aspirin to leave Cercatori for a short while, cutting off from the pack (and from all her friends) to be able to think about her life. She spent almost three months in the wilderness as a loner once more, until she finally came to terms that she had just left the life she had always wanted to live: one that had friends, a family, and love. With this realization, she returned to d'Arte to be with the only ones she could call "family."
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