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17th April 2010
Dixie-May is quite a small girl, but that is no surprise considering her lineage. In Optime form her ears only reach five feet! Her entire body is covered in a dusty white coat, fluffy and extremely soft. Pointed ears and a slightly curled tail finish the appearance of adorableness.

There are now a few scars scattered over her frame. Working in Casa has resulted in a few injuries from construction, and during the raid on the pack, she was hit and tossed by an intruder. A few small scars on the backs of her ears from hitting the ground, fingers and palms have little nicks and cuts, and her knees/thighs are marked a bit.

After being captured and taken out of the 'Souls territory, she began to rack up a lot of new injuries that would leave permanent scarring. Both ears have small triangles carved out of the tips, her finger/paw pads were all peeled away and have grown back lumpy, and the once fluffy tail is now docked to a tiny stump.

7/1/2012: Captured and scarred more.
8/12/2012: Tail docked.
This little girl is quite the spitfire. She doesn't like to be bossed around and pretty much doesn't take shit from anyone...except for Wayne, of course. She has a short temper and is very protective of not only her friend, but of her horse and other companions as well.

After her ordeal with slavery, she has become shy and rather quiet, needing constant supervision. Without being watched, she sometimes turns to self harm, and often forgets what she was supposed to be doing in the first place. Unless the tasks at hand have to do with her baby, she is completely in the clouds.
Mama: Anna-lee Bixoli (Samoyed)
Papa: Theo Jackson (Arctic Wolf)

No siblings.
No mate.

Children: Leland Jackson.

Best Friend: Wayne McCoy
Since her disappearance at the end of May in 2012, Dixie has been through much more than anyone should have to suffer in a lifetime.

On a small supply gathering trip, one that she stupidly went on by herself, the small woman was snatched up by a band of savage luperci men. Her horse was injured and captured as well despite his attempts at getting away. These men took her out of the 'Souls territory, along with one other female and one male, all of them bound and gagged for the journey.

The trio was sold to a small but powerful pack in Southern Canada, becoming their newest slaves. Dixie was given to the Alpha's young son, and despite his measly 10 months old, he was already mean and demanding. Within a few weeks the small frosty girl was broken down, dirty, bloody and scared of her own shadow. She was to care for 'him' in all ways, and was soon tasked to caring for the pack's livestock as well.

A few months after she was taken, the pack's prince impregnated the girl. Disgusted with himself and the lowly mutt babe's growing in her womb, he made sure to beat her when she came near to birthing. It resulted in an early birth and the death of both pups...or so he thought.

Dixie somehow managed to hide the barely living pup away from the evil pack, sneaking away to feed him many times a day. He was always tiny and a bit sickly, but he began growing and was soon able to understand the need to hide and stay quiet.

After suffering through countless beatings, a forced pregnancy, public whippings and near death, she was able to sneak away during one of the pack's holidays. As soon as the alphas and the other 'higher ups' were passed out from drunkenness, she found Duke in the small herd of pack horses and made a run for it with her child.

Leaving Casa di Cavalieri and her beloved Wayne wasn't what she had ever intended on doing, and her first instinct was to go back home. Not knowing if she'll be allowed back in, she's become a timid stalker of the her old pack mates.

7/1/2012: Captured and taken to a savage tribe.
8/12/2012: Tail docked.
9/19/2012: Raped and impregnated.
11/3/2012: 2 pups born early. One dies.
11/3/2012-2/25/2013: Hides the pup from her evil master.
2/25/13: (night) Escapes with her baby and horse.
4/4/2013: Arrives back in the 'Souls territory and starts making her way towards CdC.
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