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Mackenzie Valley Wolf
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2nd September 2011
Mitya has a mostly brown coat with lighter, undercoat. Her eyes are a pale and somewhat dim green, not glowing as brightly in the dark as those with gold-colored eyes, for example, would. The area around her legs and thighs are a light rusted sort of color turning into a dull rust color around her belly and lower sides, then becoming brown nearly everywhere else. Darker brown, almost black fur travels down her spine towards her tail tip, two stripes branching out to cover a part of her shoulder. Around her eyes and muzzle is a light silvery gray. The area immediately surrounding that part of the muzzle is the light orange rust color of her legs. The base of her paws is powered with silvery white, while the paw pads themselves are a dark chocolate-brown. Her nose is pitch black, a darker black than the fur along her spine. Besides that the only other coloring is a dusted rust color along the top of her head and the back of her ears. Her build is on average for her age and species of wolf, perhaps a little bit skinnier and perhaps a lit bit less muscular, but that's to be expected since she is, after all, not a male.
Mitya is one to remain calm, cool and collected even in the middle of a storm, whether physical or otherwise. She'd respectful to her elders and those more powerful than her, as taught to her by her grandparents. Her heart is as warm and kind as it can be with having to live alone and generally away from other wolves and canines, Luperci or otherwise. She has a stubborn streak a mile wide though and that, along with the loyalty she'd be willing to give to whatever pack she eventually joins, could cause problems as she knows that if she were to join a pack here, she's start out at the lower end of the chain.

Her observant nature is one that can be turned off, seeing as sometimes she gets caught up with something she's doing and isn't as aware of her surroundings as she normally would've been. At the same time she can also be so distant in mind, her heart a flood and whirlwind of emotions that she isn't even seeing or hearing what's going on around her. In this state she'd have to be "woken up" by some sort of movement. Whether this be a shove or tackle, or something else, is up to whoever is around to witness it.
Mother - Alix
Father - Armel
Mitya was born in the wilderness in between Montreal and Quebec, Quebec. From a very young age she's learned both French and English, from her grandparents and parents respectively. Being a born Luperci, she's grown up knowing of things in which her grandparents taught her, such as the basics of writing, though she can't write complex sentences in English yet, and reading, though finding texts in order to practice this had been hard, seeing as she's lived most of her life in her lupus form.

When at about five months old, in the middle of February, her brothers and grandparents caught a sickness that left them weak and frail. Mitya and her parents fled their home that they had made in Montreal, two miles away from the shelter of her grandparents she'd been born in. Leaving her brothers and grandparents behind, buried outside the shelter, Mitya tried to remain strong for her grieving mother and father.

Her mother seemed to forget she was ever there, and so Mitya spent most of her time in her Optime form or Secui form helping her father and learning to catch smaller prey and fish in order to survive. Her father, on the other hand, encouraged her to set out on her own, telling her that he would be enough to take care of the both of them. She'd be able to see and hear of the world better than she would if she stayed with her parents.

She took the advice at ten month old, at the beginning of July. She'd heard of a place called 'Souls by a traveling trader who'd stopped by once to trade with them. She'd wandered around Quebec for a few days, becoming accustomed to living on her own before setting out towards this place.

It only took about six days of travel, but she made it. Wandering around as a loner was hard, especially when now she'd have to avoid packs of Luperci, mixed and full-blooded, even non-Luperci here and there. As much as Mitya wants to join a pack for herself, she always pulls back before coming up with the courage to do so. She didn't want to see death again, not like those of her family, and if it meant not joining a pack until she'd com to terms with their deaths, then she'd take that course of action so she doesn't potentially lash out at another because of it.
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