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Kára's main pelt color is a sandy gold that fades into soft beige on her underside. A warmer beige can be seen around her maw, chest, and lady parts. It can also be found on her cheeks and above her eyes. One of the most stunning colors on her pelt is a warm ginger color which can be found around her shoulders, forehead, back of her neck, and her chest. Black is the boldest color on her coat, lining the edges of her ears and splashing the top of her muzzle. All of her paws are colored in black, elbow high gloves. Black can also be found speckling her back, shoulders, thighs, and the end of her tail.

Kára, being more coyote in her appearance than wolf, is on the shorter side. She stands at 5'6" sporting a more humanized posture and lithe body. She has a fit, compact, and almost boyish physique except for the subtle curves of her hips and feminine thighs. She's rather flat chested along with most of the females in her family. Her hair is short, styled in an a-line with the hair around her face long, getting shorter in the back. She has side-swept bangs and always has a messiness to her hair.
Kára is fiery, confident, and blunt. While growing up, she developed the habit of calling everyone foul names and doesn't have much reign over her tongue. She's loose and carefree but equally focused on bettering herself. Kára is sociable and keeps in touch with her younger side. She loves to play fight, race, and participate in games and competitions. She has a rather bad temper and hates to lose. Her easily induced rage makes her prone to fights and disagreements with others.

Aside from her bad temper and fierce competitive nature, Kára has several other major flaws. Because of her blunt personality, she can often come off as rude or outright cruel. She thinks highly of herself, although not so much so that it's crippling and can be surprisingly selfish. Her boyish nature and tendency to be 'one of the boys' somewhat cripples her ability to flirt properly which in turn can cause awkward situations with the opposite sex if feelings are involved.

Despite her flaws and hindrances, Kára is good in nature. A lot of her mother's morals carried over to her. She's can be compassionate and caring to those close to her. Despite her blunt personality, Kára doesn't hold many biases. It might be because she's young and has yet to form any, or it may be due to her time spend in Sonnerie where most canine's held an open mind and where the population was diverse. She is also very open, though she doesn't come off that way. Most that meet her will be forced to test the waters and deal with her straight forward nature in order to reach her better attributes.
This lovely Lykoi was born to Valkyrie de le Poer and Helotes Lykoi in early December. In her younger days she was curious and adventurous often landing herself in troubling situations. Although not much has changed in that aspect she's grown a bit sterner and a bit more bitter through the months. The abduction of her father aided in this transformation.

Kára was forced to remain behind do to her lack of skill and inability to shift. The weeks after her father's abduction were among the most frustrating and solemn days in the young coy-wolf's life. Nearly a month later, Kára made her first shift which enabled her to finally pursue her father. Unfortunately, it was much too late to catch up. The only one left was Timori. Basilio and Heltoes were sold in to slavery. She pushed him to tell her the gruesome details which she was less than happy about.

After realizing that her efforts would be gainless, Kára discovered the gypsy pack, Sonnerie, and made a home there. Their fun and carefree lifestyle seemed suitable for the fiery youth and it's members were kind. They offered her a place to grieve for the disappearance of her father, and mend her emotional scars. There she focused on refining her skills and learning new ones from the luperci there. Most of the skills she learned were minor ones, either pickpocketing, dancing, performance tricks, and claw and tooth style fighting.
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