Adonis Nero

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Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf
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12th January 2008
A strong and solid wolf with an intermingling palette of ashen shades, a dusting composed of primarily white, beige, gold and a splash of black soot across his nape. Having quickly achieved adulthood, the formidable wolf is tall with a broad chest, wide paws and a militant countenance to his otherwise effortless stride. His eyes are a pale, tarnished gold. They are bright and intelligent, but continuing to reflect his now characteristically gentle and humble personality. He looks every bit the prime adult male he is in body, and his aged mentality is reflected in the way he carries himself. Old scars, though thoroughly hidden, are situated over his left leg, in the juncture of his collarbone and a series of deep puncture wounds lie mirrored on either side of his neck.

Currently he bears visible scars on his shoulder (circular; shaped like a crude ouroboros), back (cross), chest (cross) and left forearm (three diagonal claw wounds).

In his Lupus form, Adonis weighs in at a whopping 145lbs, with a height of 32.5 in and an overall length of 6ft.

Optime form is his most frequent shift. He stands at 6'10" tall, with a total weight of 260lbs. Broad shouldered with a barrel-chest and massive paws. He looks every bit a soldier. The hair long his neck is a goldenrod color, and is slightly wavy.

A quiet, compromised wolf with infallible honesty and loyalty. However, he harbors a jaded view of the world as a whole with good reason.
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