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26th March 2012
Born a wolf hybrid, Lucia is a perfect blend of her parent's images. She takes on her mother's thick arctic coat that provides a strong pristine white base for her father's distinguishing marks. Soft, but brilliant, sea teal blue eyes look out from under a subtle two-toned brow. Her forehead, the end of her tail, top of her dainty paws, and small sun-kissed spots around her body are splashed conservatively with a slate blue-grey that sprawls along the top of her feminine form. From the tip of her ebony nose to the back of her tail runs a ruddy cinnamon stripe that drapes along her spine. The stripe spreads along each of her sides, blending back into the white along her ribcage and belly. The same two colors are mimicked in a birthmark along her chest, creating a little twine and ashen target. Lucia is the leggier descent of her mother, and between her parents grew into a curvier and very feminine physique. Her hips and shoulders are rounder, but her waistline is tiny and her muzzle tapered. Despite her mother's dirtier influences, she keeps her long, fluffy fur clean and kept and since her adventures into adulthood are rarely seen without proper care.
Lucia can be shy at first, and is keen to watch and observe before making any real motions or movements. Attached to her mother, she watches Kiara dutifully for cues of how to behave in most situations. However, when she is left to her own devices or around the family she is comfortable with, she opens up into a somewhat ditzy and bright teenage girl. She still struggles to find what her pack expects from her and sometimes has dissonance in discovering who she is versus what she believes others see in her.

Since her brother got kidnapped Lucia has been more shy around strangers. She's unsure what to think about them, and has a quieter nature around them. She will warm up to them quickly, but the first hesitancy is always there. She does act slightly more bossy when around those who submit to her, quick to use that to help boost her own confidence and help her feel secure in a situation. She is most confident when she knows her own place, and takes well to authority figures.
Kiara Amarok x Alonso

Lucia, Kohaku, Annabelle
Lucia was born in a litter of three. Her mother, Kiara briefly met with another wolf that had avoided infection. When Kiara went into heat she ended up mating with him, resulting in the pregnancy. At the end of March she came into the world, along with two other siblings, Kohaku and Annabelle. Without a mate Kiara spent a fair amount of time out hunting. Just over a week old, Lucia was given her name, as per the tradition of the arctic pack that Kiara came from, waiting for the pups to be strong enough to survive. Unfortunately her sister Annabelle passed away that night, leaving only Kohaku and Lucia to grow. together.
As she grew Lucia began to learn how to walk, eyes opening to see the world. With these new abilities Lucia began to tease her brother, establishing herself as the more dominant of the pair. The rag doll became her close friend at this time, pushed and played with when her brother was pushed too far. She met Tharin briefly at this stage, though not allowed any true interaction. Her life took a more difficult turn during a storm when her brother was kidnapped for the first time. While Kohaku was rescued, it made her more reluctant to leave the den, acting much more obedient to her mother.
Tragedy dotted her life again when the pack she was born into, Ichika no Ho-en, collapsed. With her mother stretched even more thin more rules were given out. She spoke her first words at this point, "Mine" being the first, rapidly followed by other simple words, such as "Mommy" and "Haku", developing faster than her brother. As disobedient as he was, Kohaku did wander off, despite Lucia's cries and insistence on being obedient. With only one pup left, Kiara took Lucia and headed for New Dawn to take the pack's protection.
She has lived in New Dawn for most of her life, remembering very little of those first lonely months. Her memories of her lost brother are vague. In her short life, she has seen many wolves injured and an entire war started to reclaim her brother. Although she did not participate in any of the fights, Lucia has witnessed their aftermath as well as the changes that her brother underwent during his capture.
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