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5th November 2012
Barrel chested and large for his age, Bishop's frame looks a little pudgy in his adolescence, though his build is very solid and well muscled even at his young age. He is so large for his age that, from a distance, it is easy for others to mistake him for a full grown adult. However, on a close inspection, his overly large head and paws reveal the the adolescent has a fair bit of growing left to do before he reaches his full potential in height and mass.

He takes very little coloration from his parents, save for a few warm hues that accent his otherwise gray pelt. His coat is a much closer in resemblance to that of his grandfathers', with it's jumbo base and tuna saddle that covers him from the crown of his skull to the tip of his tail. The darker hue of his back bleeds into his shoulders and thighs. He has a silver mask, broken up by the sycamore splash over his muzzle and under his golden eyes and punga rims his ears. The silver also covers his belly and the underside of his arms. The sycamore color is also present along his sides, the outside of his arms and back of his legs, before fading to silver.

Much like his parents, Bishop often appears very serious, though he takes this further than either to a practically humorless level; another aspect of the youth, that makes him seem much older than he truly is. His eyes are not at all expressive of his emotions and it is often very difficult to tell what he is thinking.
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Due to his tender age, much of Bishop's personality has yet to fully develop. Much like his appearance, he is rather serious. He is rather quite and typically only speaks when he feel words are truly necessary and relies more heavily on body language than it seems the average luperci does. As such, he is often quick to judge others by their appearances and body language as well. These first impressions stick with him and it is often difficult for individuals to disprove his first assumptions about their character.

When Bishop does speak, he is known to speak bluntly. He has not, and may not, learned the heavy impact words that words can often have upon others. It maybe partially due to his lack of tack with words that he often chooses not to speak in the first place.

Anann and Anatoliy have instilled good value's into their son and while they have tried their best to teach him proper respect, that rarely goes beyond the respect he shows for his parents. He will always act upon what he feels is right and just, and cares little for any authority beyond that of his parents.
Dam: Anann Kelevra
Sire: Anatoliy Russo
Bishop was the first born of a litter of four. Three pups were born alive, but quite weak, while the last of the litter was still-born. Bishop's health was only slightly stronger than his siblings, yet it proved to be the difference in his survival. Anann too, was weakened greatly from the effort of childbirth and her milk was not plentiful enough to provide for even the small litter. He was the only one of his litter to survive the first week of their life. Once Bishop no longer had to compete for his meals his strength, and size, grew rapidly. By the time he had reached a month of age, no one would have guessed that he had been born small and weaker than average.

Born into seclusion, Bishop has not been well socialized and has little experience at all with his peers. Anann has put a great effort into teach her son to be self reliant. Overly aware of her own mortality, Anann is driven to see that her son will be able to fend for himself when the time comes that she will no longer be there to help him.
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