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23rd October 2009
Revan is 50% Jackal, 50% Coyote. He's a little on the short side, being more jackal in appearance than coyote, but is only a little shorter than an average wolf. In his lupus form he's a normal size jackal. He has red markings on his face, a tattoo that shows clearly through his black fur because of an ancient and secret technique performed by his father, this tattoo is clearly visible in all three forms, along with the tip of his ear. He wears a necklace with a coyote tooth around his neck, a trophy of his first successful battle. His fur is thick but short. His eyes a light orange and gold.

In Secui form which will most like be rarely used, he gains a good percentage of size and weight. His fur gets thicker in this form and he grows a slight mane on the back of his neck down to his neck.

In Optime form, he's much taller, but anybody would be going from walking on 4 legs to 2. He's on the leaner side, mostly because of his jackal bloodline and his age. His hair is always up in a spiky look with blonde highlights.
Revan is a strange one...though generally he is very kind and easygoing to most that he meets. Sometimes he can be a little shy depending on the person, but most of the time he's a pretty fun guy to be around, despite being a bit awkward at times. He has an obsessive need to collect interesting and strange objects, as well as to keep himself in shape, resulting from the attack he had received at a young age as well as the trophy he had removed from his would be attacker. Revan doesn't like to be around large groups, preferring isolation, the company of individuals, or small groups.
Note: This is only a part of Revan's history. If you are interested in reading Revan's full history, please visit Revan's Wiki Page.

As soon as Revan got to Nova Scotia, lo and behold the first person he would meet he would develop feelings for. Sepirah Jendayi Lykoi...God she was a goddess..but she had other plans it seemed for poor Revan, though he didn't know how to woo her as well as he should have. Nevertheless, Sepirah managed to get him into Inferni, where he was brought in as a scout. It didn't take long for Revan to realize Sepirah had other plans for her life. At first he took that a little hard, but despite the rejection he felt, he managed to through himself into his duties as a scout, patrolling the borders of Inferni and working out his young body with an almost obsessive compulsion. He even received extensive training from the infamous Kesho Maisha.

Despite living within Inferni's borders for several months, Revan never really felt a part of the pack, which was partly his own fault since he had chosen to be so isolated from the rest. It wasn't completely his fault though. He had grown up only knowing the small pack that was his family, and the only outsider he had met had attacked him, giving him the scar and the trophy he hung around his neck. He had met a few members in his time spent in the pack, each with their own unique perks, some completely different and some very similar, but all in all he had always felt a bit distant from the rest of Inferni.

He didn't complain though. In all honesty he preferred the isolation. It allowed him to do his job at his own pace, and allowed him to leave whenever he wanted as well, knowing he would always have a place to come back to when he needed...until that fateful day. Revan had been returning back to the den from a long day of patrolling when he had noticed something odd. His den was where it was, completely untouched as it remained so, but on top of the roof of his little car den was a small bird he had only rarely seen. Upon closer inspection, the bird flew away, but left behind a small letter obviously addressed to him.

The letter revealed disturbing news, and Revan left at once, making sure he took everything that meant something to him. He didn't think of telling anyone he left, didn't think anyone cared really...All he could think about was something was wrong with his family, and he needed to get there right now. Revan didn't look back as he left the borders, didn't look back as he left the scent markers of Nova Scotia, and with one final swish of his tail, he was gone from Souls.

A year passed...more than a year...with no sign of Revan's return. Finally..finally..only 2 days before his birthday, Revan was seen crossing the scent markers into Nova Scotia again. He had been gone so long though...instead of returning to Inferni..he decided to perhaps try a new pack, or being off on his own. That's what he did when he lived in Inferni anyways..and he had had much training for that very thing..
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