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Wolf (Canis Lupus)
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12th September 2011
Luperci Ortus
Heroshe has orange, brown, and tan fur. She has a thick dark brown mane in all of her forms, which extends to the base of her tail; her tail is the same color as her mane. The tip of her tail is white and she has a white belly that begins at the bottom of her chin and ends at her crotch area. Heroshe's claws, paw pads, nose, and her ears are all dark browns. Heroshe has many small dark brown spots on her snout, back of hands/paws, haunches, and top of shoulders. Her eyes are an icy blue color. Heroshe's lips cannot fully cover her teeth, so her top fangs poke out from her mouth strangely. Her tongue is purple-pink and the inside of her ears are white. She has scars in various places on her body, though the majority of them are healed and mostly covered by fur, and her paw pads are rough and wartorn. She likes to put black and brown wooden beads and blue, white, tan, and light-brown feathers in her mane and tail. She wears a single thin gold earring in the top of her left ear, and two in the top right.

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Colored by Mandi.

Angry ♦ Vicious ♦ Feral ♦ Prideful ♦ Cocky

Heroshe is going through an arc right now. She is having terrible anxiety, visions, and bad dreams she cannot control. She is under extreme stress as a result.

Heroshe is a loner, and she refuses to abandon many of the laws of the wild the wilderness taught her. She relies heavily on her senses of smell and hearing as she thinks that your eyes can betray you. She has trouble getting along with others and can be aggressive and easily provoked. She often causes disagreements and trouble with others just for the fun of it, as she loves fighting and sparring. Heroshe tends to stay in the shadows and likes sticking to tall grass and trees. She is a bit strange, and she frequently climbs trees as a result of watching cats climb them when she was young. She adapts well to her settings and has no trouble swimming, hiding, or adjusting to hot or cold temperatures. Heroshe is careful, watchful, wary, and finds it hard to trust others. She has a sharp wit, and a sharp tongue to match. She is more feral or 'wild' than many other Luperci, with barely any humanization at all. She usually sticks to her Lupus form, though she sometimes enjoys the freedom and changes that Optime form can bring. She rarely uses Secui form. Heroshe oftentimes loathes coyotes and coyote hybrids.

Father: Lipott (deceased)
Mother: Ganra (deceased)
Brother: Shenott (alive)
Heroshe was born in a litter of four to Ganra, her mother, and Lipott, her father. There was a famine two weeks after the pups were born, and Ganra and two of her pups died. Distraught with sadness, Lipott moved out of their current Luperci pack, hoping to keep away the painful memories. Lipott struggled to keep Heroshe, himself, and the other brother, Shenott, alive. After two years of painful living, the famine was over, and the small family tried to find another pack. They came across a small, aggressive and 'feral' pack, and Lipott was brutally killed in front of the pups for trespassing. Heroshe escaped without a scratch and ran far away. Shenott was not so lucky, and lost his right hind leg; he didn't try to find Heroshe, but instead ran off to live as a loner. Heroshe quickly learned and adapted to living all by herself. She mourns for her father and her brother every now and then by howling to them on a high rock or spot of land. She spends most of her time hunting and exploring, and enjoys being on the move. She believes that she must continue to fight for survival against a harsh world. She revels in taunting and fighting with others.
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