Kuba Lykoi

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Coyote/Wolf/Dog Hybrid
Date of Birth:
20th August 2012
He is starting to show promise with his appearance -- it looks like he will grow into a handsome man. Kuba is still underdeveloped but not nearly as much as before. His arms are beginning to get more muscular due to archery training. The young male's face still appears puppy-like, however, and his golden eyes hold innocence in them after all this time. He seems less energetic but eager. His fur is somewhat fluffy, some days making him look bigger than he actually is. The slight curl in his tail is sometimes exaggerated due to emotion. Usually however, only the tip has a small curl and it is mostly straight. This male can often be seen sporting a red bandanna but other than that does not wear clothing.

Kuba's base coat is Mine Shaft. His paws and the tip of his tail are coated in Domino. On his chest he has a patch of Spring Wood shaped roughly like the heraldic Bialik eagle. The famous Lykoi stripe is a bright Pueblo. He also has Lykoi Buddha Gold eyes.
He has yet to emotionally develop fully, not having enough experience to do so. It is likely there will be a turning point in his personality when he gets into his first confrontation. Right now, he is overly curious and easily excited. Kuba is eager to please and likes to do favors for his pack mates or whoever seems in need of his help. In return, he simply wants teaching. This Lykoi has a high hunger for intelligence and while he might not be the quickest at some things he is a dedicated learner.
Family: Lykoi, Damaichu, Berlin.

Mother: Io Berlin.
Father: Jacinto Lykoi.
Siblings: Unnamed (x four).
Half Siblings: Sarajevo Berlin, Dymtr Tormenta, Jandro Tormenta.
Adopted Siblings: Sinatrai Lykoi.
Stepfather: Jaroslaw Fabianski.
He was born into AniWaya, there he spent with his mother Io Berlin, as well as his biological father, Jacinto Lykoi. His stepfather Jaroslaw Fabianski aided in raising him. He was taken on a 'day trip' to Inferni. Soon after, he moved permanently to Inferni with his biological father.
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