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Canis Lupus Albus
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4th November 2012
Myu takes after his mother with striking golden fur, yet has a bit of his father in him shown by the single blue eye set apart from his amber other.

Bits of his fur have tints of darker hues; another trait from his father. The coal speckling blends harmoniously along the dorsal and tips the tail. In due time, his mane will grow longer keeping to the darker hue along his back, and settle in a deep brown with the faintest hints of red. But for now his mane is a slight tuft of deep brown fur.

Anticipated Adult size:
Optime: 7'5"-7'8" | 285-320lb
Myu is quite the independent little thing; which has already made itself known in the few months of his life. He loves his family very much, but does not depend on them too much for what he wants. His sole attachment beyond the obvious bond of son to mother, is the bond that he shares with his twin. He is hardly ever seen without his twin nearby, acting as the more protective of the two in accordance with his family name. He is not known to cry very often, but he does have his moments. Not so much now that he has gotten older.

Even though he has few instances outside of the pack to help in shaping him, he has taken on the role of guardian quite well... mainly when it pertains to his brother. He is the more silent of the two, acting more as a shadow when his voice is not needed, or brandish himself as a shield from any danger, however fickle or small.

Though as a growing youth, he does take his time to play and simply enjoy the games shared between his siblings and Family. However silly, he can be seen taking part, even if it's just for a little while or for the duration of the day.
Mother: X'yrin Exultare
Father: X'ies Lambda
Adopted Father: Asgeir Ceston (Exultare)
Uncle:X'yro Eultare

Sister: Veyra Damaichu
Brothers: X'joroan Exultare, Oy'vind Lambda (twin)
He is a little pup, and thus his experiences are limited. However this means there is a lot of room for more experiences to be had.
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