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Luperci Ortus
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Alfhildr is large, more so in height than in bulk, in her lupus form. She has a very athletic, streamlined physique underneath her unusually heavy coat of fur. Her ears are large, almost disproportionately so. She has a very fluffy coat, with the majority of it being a tawny, light brown. Her underside, from nose to tail, lightens to a soft cream, and her ears are dark brown, almost black, in coloration. Her inner ears are the same cream color as the rest of her markings. Her nose and pawpads are off-black. Her eyes are a warm, inviting, chocolate brown with peppery flecks around the rims.

In secui form, lean muscle does not lend itself to impressive bulk, but she does become distinctly barrel-chested. Her fangs lengthen, to the point of nearly spilling past her jaws, and her claws begin to resemble miniature knives. Her large, thick mane has a slightly wavy texture to it.

Alf generally prefers Optime, unless traveling, playing, or hunting, and changes form to fit her needs. She is fairly tall at 6'6" and has a lean, athletic physique. She carries a humanoid stance. While she is fairly slender, she has little in the way of hips, and does not have a particularly feminine body shape. She is broad-chested, however, and rather strong.

She has slightly thin, wavy, strawberry blond hair that reaches her shoulder blades when worn long, though she usually ties it back or puts it up.

She has a small piece of worn, dull brown cloth that she ties her hair back with. When her hair is worn long (or she is in one of her other forms), she has it tied around her wrist.

She is rather humble about her appearance and doesn't find herself all that attractive. She also speaks with a slight Danish accent, and genuinely regrets not learning more of the language when she had the chance.


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Trygve is a young cougar cub that Alf adopted after he nearly starved. The boy is currently little more than a fluffy, spotted, blue-eyed ball of energy, but he'll grow up to be a talented guard-cat.

Since Alf's amnesia, Trygg has become her lifeline in a way, since she remembers very little else from her past. The boy is just a few months shy of his first birthday, and like any teenager, is prone to rebellious behavior and attitude problems. Alf deals with this the best she can, as she considers Trygg her son, though obviously not biologically.
Alf is, generally, a very pleasant, cheerful female. Her susceptibility to mood swings aside, that is. She is extremely trusting, perhaps to the point of naivety, and rarely holds grudges against people. Very loyal to family and friends, to befriend Alf is to make a sort of pact that, no matter what, she’ll be there for you. She might not even mind it that much if you’re not always there for her. However, she can usually tell when she is being used, at least if she’s in her right mind, and won’t stand for such things. That doesn’t mean she won’t accept an apology and a promise not to do it again, though, even if the other party is being insincere.

She is also a lover of the arts, or at the very least, a fan of absent-minded doodling and telling grand tales of intrigue and adventure. None of this is really her passion, though, and she doesn’t consider herself very good at much of it.

Alf is extremely humble, and almost always horrible at accepting compliments. Even well-deserved ones don’t do much more than fluster her, even when she feels good about what she’s being complimented on. She’d much prefer them to appreciate her work without becoming distracted by how “talented” she is as an artist.

Another key trait to Alf is how opinionated she is, and how she often speaks without thinking, often to the point of rambling on about something without considering her conversational partner’s stance on the issue. However, this may tie into the fact that she rambles no matter what the topic is. She also becomes rather loud at such times without realizing it, especially when she is excited about something

Very outgoing, she is always eager to strike up a conversation, even if her target isn’t. Well, almost always. When she has an emotional day, one that drives her to be upset at the slightest provocation, she is quick to avoid everyone, but her closest friends that is. A shoulder to cry on is always appreciated at this point, but it doesn’t always help, and often ends in Alf feeling even worse for wasting the time of someone she cares about.

She isn’t the most confidant wolf, but she won’t let herself be walked all over if she can help it, which she rarely can. She often responds to such situations with a surprising amount of defensive crassness and sarcasm, and has few issues with swearing when provoked. However, this can lead to physical confrontations, which she is very poor at dealing with. That isn’t to say she can’t fight. Rather, she just doesn’t enjoy to, as she finds it emotionally draining.

Alf also, interestingly enough, likes to be around water. She could be likened to an otter, perhaps, in the way she moves within it. Ponds, lakes, and rivers are her preferred locations to swim, and on occasion, even fish. The ocean, while pretty, has never really appealed to her as a potential place to sharpen her skills, though. The salt and often powerful tides aren’t things she finds particularly enjoyable.

On the idea of spirituality and religion, Alf is very undecided. She’s sure she believes in something watching over her, but she isn’t sure what as of yet. If anything, she has a very slight belief in fate, though it mainly has to do with her questioning coincidences a little bit too much, and less to do with her thinking everyone has a plan laid out for them from birth.
Mother. Ulrika
Father. Eyvindr
Siblings. Hrafn
Grandparents. Stigr and Inga

Adopted son. Trygve
Alfhildr was born alongside her only brother, Hrafn, to parents Ulrika and Eyvindr on a pleasant, late spring evening in a fairly rural area of New Brunswick.

Her small family was never really part of a stable pack and as a young child, Alf didn't have many friends her age beside her brother. However, this often seemed to be made up for when her grandparents would visit and share stories of their native Denmark. Her grandfather, who had an interest in practical medicine and science, would often have spirited, but certainly friendly debates with her grandmother, who was very spiritual. Her memories of this time in her life were very fond, though she had a disturbing recollection of her father being rather disapproving about such visits.

At six months old, as most Luperci do, Alfhildr and Hrafn began to shift. This was, undoubtedly, when the animosity between her and her father began. While she didn't know it at the time, he had been counting on her preferring her lupus form, which ultimately, neither child had.

She, rather quickly and rather excitedly, took to her optime form instead. Hrafn, always one to follow in her pawsteps, tried his very hardest to learn as well. However, much to his chagrin and their father's delight, he found it extremely difficult. Of course, he learned how to shift with ease in time, but the months it took to reach that point brought about a change in the family's dynamic.

Alfhildr was no longer her father's so-called "favorite." While she would still join her brother and father on hunts in their lupus forms, it was never quite the same. At least, not between Eyvindr and her. Hrafn, being a loyal sibling, held no resentment for his sister's ability to shift between all three of her forms. If anything, their father's behavior drove a wedge between him and his children.

When Alf and Hrafn celebrated their first birthday, their father was strangely absent. However, their grandparents were in attendance, so it hadn't seemed like that big of a deal at the time. Especially since her brother had, finally, gotten the hang of shifting. Ulrika, however, seemed distant. Their mother knew something was wrong, though her children would only realize it within the days that followed.

Upon Eyvindr's return, he was exhausted and badly wounded. Ulrika seemed to understand exactly what had happened, while Alf and Hrafn were left without any real explanation. He got in a fight, they were told, but they knew a simple fight didn't cause injuries like that. They were made to maim, to kill, to destroy.

In time, Eyvindr seemed to return to his old self, though far more content with the state of his life and his family. He no longer questioned his daughter for the form she took, didn't try and suggest to Hrafn that his lupus form was better, and seemed genuinely interested in the stories his parents-in-law told. It was, in Alf's opinion, a very nice change of pace.

Things passed rather uneventfully after that, at least for the next few months. Hrafn, having met a girl from a nearby pack, went off to join her, though he visited often. Her grandparents made the decision to return to their native Denmark, with the intention of traveling, as they had not been able to do so in their youth. And, in turn, Alf too left her parents. However, she didn't go very far.

The nearby 'Souls, though she did not know its name, seemed like a good a place as any to find and join a proper pack.


As of early July, 2013, Alf found herself with a nasty bonk to the head and a case of memory loss. She initially had no recollection of past events beyond her name, a love of art and storytelling, and who the cougar cub she was traveling with was.

While she initially wandered around 'Souls, she ultimately found herself traveling out of the area. During this time she managed to get into a few spats, earned herself a couple scars, and remembered a few more bits and pieces of her old life. She recalls her parents, grandparents, and brother, the name "New Dawn" rings a very vague bell, and she has remembered her affinity for the water.

In an attempt to, possibly, bring back more memories, Alf has returned to 'Souls.
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