Jehan de l'Or

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3rd August 2012
Luperci Ortus

Jehan de l'Or is the son of Jontae de l'Or, product of a one-night stand with a loner. Raised among the garbage in Halifax, he was neglected by his mother and had a limb amputated at an early age, but trader Jairus Mercer rescued him from his fate.

Raised by peddlers and thieves, Jehan became a superstitious but streetwise brat with more than enough machismo to make up for a diminutive height and missing arm. He and Jairus roamed as loners until, unbeknownst to Jehan, the trader became ill. They joined Midnight Shores at Jairus' insistence, but Jehan never adapted to pack life -- and Jairus passed away in January 2015.

Jairus continued to guide Jehan as a ghost for some months until, in a similar situation to his childhood, Jehan rescued a neglected puppy, Clover. He attempted to raise her with the help of Cartier Inferni, a coyote Jehan became more and more fond of. With the onset of the Inferni and Cour des Miracles War, Jehan confessed his feelings for Cartier and, at the leader's insistence, joined Inferni as an Outsider.

However, while they tried to settle into roles within the clan, the dogs were not accepted by everyone. Osprey Fleurine made an attempt on Clover's life, and while the man was executed for his treason, Jehan became paranoid about more hate crimes. An argument-turned assault with another coyote reaffirmed his fears, but his family insisted they would be there for him; he and Cartier became mates.
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