Digby Fenfir

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Grizzly Bear
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5th March 2009
Digby is an average adult Grizzly Bear.

His proportions are:
On four feet: 3 ft 3 in
On two feet: 8 ft 4 in

He's a big boy.
Digby's structure is mainly his thick, and in some places baggy skin, along with a thick, flowing brown coat. His fur is a deep, chocolate brown, with a slightly lighter shade around his neck and paws. His paws are like huge pads, he can use them to pick up simple objects such as buckets, but because he isn't like any luperci, he can't manipulate other objects such as door-handles or weapons.
His voice is a low, grumpy huff, but for a character he has a calm voice. He is very muscular, being a male bear, and a quite imposing figure for the faint-hearted who meet him.
Though that being said, Digby is the closest you could get to a giant teddy bear.
Despite his size, low voice and expression, Digby is nothing more than a giant teddy bear. He loves children, the young always make him smile. He appreciates luperci and wolves, as they'd given him so much opportunity in his previous life. However, despite his teddy bear style, he can also show his bad, more grizzly side. To protect his friends or the weak, Digby can become a force to be aware of. His shear muscle could break the ribs of any unfortunate attacker, if they chose to strike him.
He's open to sharing, food or labor. He admires the luperci's ways of working, like how they hunt or work. If he was accepted into a pack he would strive to make use of himself, through his size or strength.
Digby was born under the protection of the Fenfir pack. They took in his sick and injured mother and, when she died in child-birth, they adopted Digby as the pack "Companion". He grew up, learnt the ways of the wolves and Luperci there, and once he was large enough, he help with the labor of the pack. He would help the workers lift the objects they couldn't, lift and carry the young cattle that escaped. For a bear, he lived happily with the pack. He knew he was different, that he was a different creature to the wolves, but it didn't sway him. but neither the less, as a young adult, Digby wanted to see more than the tree line that cornered the pack borders.
Seeing that he was clearly unhappy, and wanted more freedom, the pack let him go. Despite their words, he stayed for a while, feeling that he was bound there by the debt he owed the pack for keeping him. But it wasn't more than a week after, a rogue band of coyotes set great fires around the pack.
The females and children of the pack were told to leave, with Digby as their protector. The pack burned, many of the members with it. Digby looked after the group he'd protected for another two weeks, before they separated to mourn the days before in their own way. Digby, feeling he needed the forget the tragedy and move on, traveled to Nova Scotia, to see what the lands would make of him there.
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