Leela'vana Amarok

Small in Size

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50% Arctic wolf, 50% Mackenzie Valley wolf
Date of Birth:
11th March 2013
Petite, dainty, small
[Image: leelaref_zps43f1b1ca.png]

Scent: The ocean, her daughter, raven, unknown lands
Voice: Feminine, soft, upbeat
Scars: Small bite on center of shoulder blades, Larger more noticeable bite on her right hind leg
Other: Two tattoos over each eye

Items Wears two blue jay feathers and a cross necklace

NPC Her daughter Zyndea and their raven Alec
Extroverted, submissive, protective of her loved ones

Tends to be optimistic but her good attitudes aren’t unbreakable and they can falter at times
Good Traits:
Selfless, Loyal, and Amiable
Bad Traits:
Naïve and Stubborn
Being alone, Death of family and friends, Fire
Becoming someone her daughter can be proud of and keeping her safe
Hunting Prey: Journeyman
Seal Hunting: Journeyman
Healing: Novice
Herbs: Journeyman
Spiritualist: Journeyman
Due to her influence from being raised in New Dawn, she will likely only engage in such actives for reproduction only. After some Christian influences, she believes that homosexuality is a sin.
Her interest in herbs might lead her to be curious about other things but is most likely not do any unless persuaded.
Leela is a follower of Christ but much of Christianity still confuses her so even if she is very spiritual, she's quiet about the root of her faith.
Mother: Kiara Amarok
Father: Tharin Lupei
Sisters: Lucia Amarok, Tsytsaki
Brothers: Altair Amarok, Marrok Amarok
Key Intra Pack Relations: Zalen Damaichu, Raeka Rain ,Kerrian Demos, Fayne
Key Outside Relationships:Zachariah Aput,Faolan Kido

2013: In March Leela was born along with her little mates, Altair, and Marrok. In April she was introduced to her pack mates of New Dawn for the first time. During her first pack hunt, tragedy struck when her father was killed in a fire. In December she was accidently bit by Red, a fellow packmate and sustained a scar on her pelt. She also decided to study under Fayne to become a healer.

2014: Late January Leela first met Faolan, her first crush. Her Delta training continued until later in the spring when she decided she didn’t want to anymore since everyone had shifted but her and she couldn't be as helpful without hands. Marrok had become a scholar and Altair had found a mate and worked his way up to Betaship while she remained a poor and unskillful huntress. In September she started Emissary training and visited Vinitta. This was also the same time she met a haunted loner, Zachariah Aput and vowed to help him. She traveled to Sapient in October and continued helping Zach rid himself of his ghost. Very late in October Leela went into her first heat while alone on her way to Krokar. That’s where she fatefully met up with Faolan and lost her purity. Zach rescued her after run in with rogues and helped her back home, leaving her with a bite on her leg and the thought that Zach was definitely more than a friend. In December Leela found out she was pregnant with a litter sired by Faolan and was demoted to Pariah status and is on thin ice with New Dawn leadership and let her family down.

2015: TBD

***Want to know what happened to Leela? Check out her series: [M]Looking Glass Chronicles***

(Leela is also unknowingly immune to the Luperci virus)
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