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2nd October 2008
Luperci Ortus
Silas is a hybrid comprised mostly of wolf and coyote blood, but also with a hint of Siberian husky dog. In lupus form, Silas has a lithe, streamlined frame which clearly reflects heavy coyote influence (also apparent in his small, tapered muzzle and large ears). In Optime, his frame is slightly lanky, but has an athletic build with broad shoulders and toned muscles. His hair, onyx in color, is left long and falls just past his shoulders; however, is cut shorter around his face so as to create a fringe.

His coloring is reminiscent to that of a black & tan husky. Much of his face, neck, and back are dominated by deep grey and black fur, although this fades from brown to tan that runs along his belly and legs. His coat is medium in length, giving a well-furred appearance, but is never so long as to obscure the clean-cut outline of his frame. Both eyes are the same almond shaped, icy blue of his father – the color a very pale shade, almost white, though there is a ring of deep indigo along their outermost edge.
  • Often seen in cutoff denim jeans and a black vest found in Halifax.

  • Three scars extend down the left side of Silas' face running just beneath the eye, over his cheek, and along his muzzle.

  • His left eyebrow is pierced with a Sobirat'sya silver horseshoe ring, studded with bright blue precious stones, while his left ear is adorned by three golden hoops.

  • Along his right shoulder/bicep is a tattoo of three skulls incorporated in waves done with black & white ink.

  • A blue bandana is always either tied around his forehead or neck.
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