Teagan Stormbringer

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98% wolf, 2% dog
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23rd October 2012
Luperci Ortus
Tomboy: First and foremost Teagan is a tomboy. She is a rough and tumble kind of girl, not afraid to get dirty and brushing off scrapes and bruises with a casual air. She prefers to cut her mane short and wear male specific clothing, rather than identify herself as female by growing her mane and wearing dresses.

Daddy's Girl: She is remarkably fond of her father, Niernan, often being found with him. She has a strong desire to make her father proud of her, often furthering her boyish behaviour in her mission to please him. (Despite the fact that he adores her regardless of what she does.)

Warrior: She has a strong protective streak and a desire to become stronger. When her mother left there were times that she felt helpless and lost, her determination to be strong evolved from the aftermath of those feelings. She never wants to feel weak again and trains relentlessly to try and prevent that.

Animal Lover: Nobody can grow up around Niernan and not become a lover of animals (apart from Bran). As such, Teagan has an extreme fondness for animals and is likely to pick up many animal companions along the way. Despite her fondness for other animals she still hunts, and loves hunting.

Emotionally Naïve: She feels emotions, she just sometimes cannot put a name to them. She gets frustrated when she cannot classify what it is that she is feeling, but will more often than not brush off these feelings and go back to being her boyish self. The emotion set she is most clueless about is romance. She is affectionate with her family and friends, but cannot distinguish romantic attention from platonic attention.
Father: Niernan Stormbringer
Mother: Grace D'Angelo
Siblings: Lochlan Stombringer
Teagan was born to Niernan Stormbringer and Grace D'Angelo in Vinátta on the 23rd of October, 2012. She is the younger of twins, her brother Lochlan being born approximately 5 minutes before her.

The first two months of life were relatively normal; she had two loving parents, a warm, squishy brother to cuddle and wrestle with, and plenty of animal companions to play with if Lochlan refused.

But then it all changed. Grace left the pack, leaving her mate Niernan to raise the pups alone. Teagan and Lochlan mourned the loss of her mother, but each dealt with it in different ways. Teagan attached herself to Niernan, becoming incredibly close with her father, while Loch began to try and bury his pain inside.

Since she has been following her father she has seen many of the packs members, but she has befriended few. She is friends with some of the other puppies in the pack, mainly her cousins Sóli and Rúni.
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