Samual Dean Menue

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13th February 2013

Samual's fur is a brilliant copper color, highlighted with Whiskey and draped with Quincy as a saddle and mask. The Quincy fur starts at the very tip of his nose, travels along the bridge to his eyes, where it spreads like a mask to his ears and continues down his back, over his shoulders and rump and colors his entire tail dark. His paws are tipped in Whiskey, his muzzle colored below the mask the same with inner ears matching.
Sam is calm and collective. He usually thinks before he says anything. He is outgoing, though overthinks often. He is a ladie's man, though will be very loyal to the one he may fall in love with. He tries to be charming but sometimes fails even with his "bards tongue"

Mother- Sky Rhiannon
Father- Shawchert Menue
Half Siblings- Titania Moonsong ♀, Juliet Moonsong ♀, Lena Rhiannon ♀, Cody Rhiannon ♂, Myrddin dir Rhiannon ♀
Aunts - Dusk Katruk, Fox Katruk, Arrian Menue, Tishi Menue
Uncles - Jackal Katruk, Coran Menue

Born in Vinatta, Samual has had no lack of friendly faces. Born to a father with no tongue he learned sign language at an extremely young age, though at the moment is unable to use it himself. His mother has been actively teaching him how to be a wolf and the ideas of Vinatta life ever since he was born, not to mention plants and healing, though much of it is still confusing the the boy and will be until he's older.

He left Vinatta to wander around the North American Continent. Being gone from the souls area for 2 years he ventured to a few of the old United states colonies and has returned once more, wiser than before and wanting to settle down once and for all.
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