Neela Garcia

Luperci Acqua (Fisher) Mate to Tony The Brotherhood: Artiglio
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21st August 2007
All of Neela's forms share the characteristic long fur of her dominant breed, the Rough Collie. Neela has warm amber eyes and a delicate facial structure with a long, thin muzzle and fluffy ears, marred by a single small scar near her right ear. Her face, combined with her long fur which hides her muscles, gives her a gentle, unthreatening appearance. Neela has a dancers build, speedy and flexible but slightly underweighted compared to larger wolves. She has a little bit of extra muscle, especially on her arms, from her woodworking, and has excellent stamina, but lacks the overall muscle mass to take hits well.

Like most of her breed Neela has a thick collar of white fur around her neck and extending down her chest. This white fur colouring also extends up onto her face, where it gives way to a russet red just above her eyes and around her ears. She also had two dashes of black extending down about two inches from each ear, though this is heavily blended with the surrounding white and red. The red fur spreads down her back in a thick band, cutting through her white collar as it does so. Her tail is also russet red and is tipped with a splash of white fur. The rest of Neela's body is a mix of varying shades of brown with a splash of black here and there.

When in Lupus form Neela looks like a straight Rough Collie/Irish Setter cross, with little of her wolf heritage showing. She has the face, fur and tail of a Collie, while her Setter blood provides her with a slightly larger build than the average Collie, most noticeable in the length of her legs. In this form most of Neela's muscles are hidden by her long fur.

Neela's Secui form is where her wolf heritage begins to show. Secui form causes Neela's ears and tail to become much more wolfish and her legs and paws widen out to wolf proportions.
When she is in Secui form the dashes of black fur on Neela's face grow in size, extending down much farther and framing her eyes, the contrast of colours making her formerly warm eyes more intimidating. She also gains the typical Secui mane on her back, with said mane being mainly russet red in colour with some strands of black mixed in. Aside from the mane Neela's fur does not actually lengthen, instead it hardens and becomes more wiry. Between the texture of her fur and the increase in muscle mass Neela's Secui form shows off a lot more muscle than either of her other forms.

When shifting to her Optime form Neela's fur becomes soft again, and the dashes of black framing her eyes retreat to their previous size. Neela's Optime form is of medium height, and has a slim, graceful build accented by her long fur. Said long fur tends to stick to her body, but is most noticeable around her chest and the end of her arms. In this form her collar of white is actually complete, the red fur that makes up her stripe separates into a free flowing mane, which Neela typically ties in a ponytail with a black ribbon.

Neela does not tend to wear clothes when she is in Optime form, though she does wear several accessories that have practical or sentimental value to her, such as her hair ribbon which was a gift from her mate. The most obvious of these are her belt and arm-guard. Her belt is a thick leather belt with lots of hooks and buckles on it, along with a pair of crossed sheathes for her knives at the back of the belt. Depending on what she is doing Neela will hang various tools or other objects from this belt, often keeping a selection of woodworking tools with her when on her boat. Her arm-guard is a simple piece of leather protecting her left fore-arm, which Neela uses as a makeshift falconers glove.

Update: With the Death of Grynn Neela very rarely wears the falconers glove anymore. In addition she now carries two knives; each a foot long, slightly curves and serrated. These are made for battle, unlike her utility knives, and are strapped alongside the smaller pair.
Aside from her facial scar Neela has a jagged scar on her right forearm from a woodworking accident, and two matching scars across each of her wrists. All of these are hidden by the long fur on her arms when in Optime and Secui form, but can be seen when she is in Lupus form. In addition she has a jagged scar running across her chest. Oddly this behaves in the opposite; when in Lupus her chest fur it much to thick for it to be visible but in Optime is it just visible if one looks closely. Update: Neela has acquired a variety of small scars across her body, one long ropey scar running down her left leg and a intricate scar on her stomach, mostly hidden by her fur.
Update Neela occasionally wears armour. This armour is mostly made of strong leather. There is a main chest piece with several metal strips attached to cover her body which extends down to a leather skirt with more metal strips. A hood of dark red fabric reinforced with leather is attached to this. There are 8 additional parts, each one a leather tube with a single metal strip meant to cover Neela’s limbs.
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