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25% coyote 25% eastern timber wolf 50% Hudson Bay wolf
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14th December 2012
Though Sokanon is not fully grown yet, her genes have led her to be on the smaller side, her body being built more for speed and agility than brute strength. Like most carrying Hudson Bay genes, her fur is mainly white and pale cream coloured but with a darker peach colour patch along her back and the tip of her tail. Her face is mainly white with the pale cream covering the edges and ears, stopping just above her radiating amber eyes.

In her Optime form, Soka's hair is an unkempt mess of cream and white curls. It's not uncommon at all for her to have a few twigs or leaves caught in her hair. Soka is usually seen in this form carrying a brown elastic belt (stolen) around her waist with a cloth bag filled with stolen trinkets tied to it. The stretchy material, although uncomfortable at times, comes in handy if she needs to shift before finding a place to stash it. It is rarer to see her with the belt outside of Optime form, however. A small bow can also be seen tied to her back or hooked on her belt. Besides the random stolen charm, this is all the clothing that Sokanon wears.
Sokanon is adventuress, hot-headed, playful, sly, smart-aleced, foul-mouthed, and a known thief. It's gone past the point of survival and become something compulsive for Soka. She is also extremely possessive to the point where once she has deemed something (usually stolen) as hers, she may fight desperately/hysterically to keep it from being taken away. This trait she developed after the traumatizing death of her family, along with having a hard time controlling or properly expressing her emotions. Because of this, Sokanon can quickly change from being cheerful and playful or mature to aggressive and defensive or really childish.

Aside from the survival skills that she has focused her lifestyle on, Soka is pretty uneducated as neither of parents had a proper education. Soka cannot read or write whatsoever. Even her speech has suffered a little from this, as she has a tendency to slur her words or use improper grammar from time to time.

Though Soka may seem to be in a rush to grow up at times and act older than she is, Soka is still really young. Due to her young age, however, her personality is still developing, and is subject to change.
Her entire known biological family is deceased.
Born in a rough and rural part of Ontario to a fugitive father and an x-nomadic mother, Sokanon and her two siblings' first lessons were on the art of survival. Her father was rather adamant on making sure his children would grow up strong and able to handle their own, along with knowing a few... unconventional skills, such as pick-pocketing. Soka could remember how much she used to watch her older sister, Makade, training with her father. The younger pup was always memorized when her sister would hit a target with her prized bow or tear apart a target in her Secui form. Soka was a lot closer to her older sister than her litter-mate brother, a runt who could never leave their mother's side. To Sokanon's immense joy, Makade had even promised to give Soka her old bow when Soka reached 6 months, claiming that she had out grown and Soka would need it. However all hell broke loose when Sokanon was barely into her 5th month.

Soka was playing a game of prey and predator with Makade, her sister being the hunting predator and Soka being the hiding prey when she heard the growls and shouting. Apparently a pack had decided they wanted to claim the area for themselves and were willing to take it by force. From her hiding spot in the small weapons shed, the terrified Sokanon watched her family be brutally murdered and their house burned down. While hiding in the shed, something caught her eye; her sister's bow was leaning against the wall beside her. It was at this point that Sokanon had her first/premature shift. Grabbing the bow in her teeth, she ran in her new Secui form.

She had ran to the near by ruins of city known for the lone wolves that had made a home in the wreckage, unintentionally making a pack of wolves who couldn't care less about anyone else's presence. No one there, however, wanted anything to do with the child of known fugitive. After all, It was here that her father taught the more unorthodox lessons. Sokanon quickly put her lessons to use and became a thief. Stealing anything from food to shiny trinkets, she gained a reputation within two weeks.

It didn't take long for Soka to hate the disapproving or pitiful eyes and the fact that she was so close to what was once her home. For these reasons, Sokanon jumped at the chance to leave the horrid place and stowed away in the wagon of traveling merchants heading south-east. At first the merchants were a little excepting when they discovered Soka and agreed to take her with them. Very quickly they grew tired of her thieving ways and abandoned Sokanon while making their way through Nova Scotia.
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