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50% Canaan Dog 50% Greyhound
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21st February 2010

drawn by me

  • Low gravelly voice (smokes cigars occassionally)
  • Long toned limbs
  • Rugged looking
  • Bi-colored eyes; one is soft blue, the other chocolate brown
  • Beige fur with patches of light brown here-and-there
  • Star of David carved into his abdomen

Lupus (Occassionally in this form)
Weight: 150 lbs (68 kg)
Height: 40 in (102 cm)
  • Somewhat bulky build
  • Strong hindlegs
  • Sturdy broad paws

Secui (Hardly ever uses this form)
Weight: 270 lbs (122 kg)
Height: 48 in (122 cm)
  • Massive shoulders
  • Dramatically arched back
  • Thicker fur

Optime (Preferred form)
Weight: 285 lbs (129 kg)
Height: 7 ft 2 in (218 cm)
  • Wears too-short gray dress pants with black suspenders
  • Well-defined abdominal muscles
  • Thick arms
  • Strong and muscular legs


Orah (female shire horse, 5 years)

click here for picture

Orah is a sturdy, strong, rambunctious, and extremely loyal Shire Horse that Mordecai has had ever since he first left his family. Her hide is a summery rust-like shade and she has a teardrop-shaped patch of white on her forehead that goes down to her nostrils. Her muscles are very well-defined and large - giving her a rather masculine appearance.
  • Faithful, loves God (Jewish)
  • Very tolerant and accepting of others
  • Empathetic - understands others very well
  • Aloof and standoffish, a bit awkward sometimes; can come off as rude
  • Extremely sensitive, but he hides it
Before you can fully understand Mordecai's childhood, you'll have to know a bit about both of his parents. Mordecai's parents were brother and sister - there were a lot of cases of incest in their family, all of which seemed completely normal to them. Their dysfunctional (many of them were alcoholics, including both of Mordecai's parents) family was Jewish, but they were the only two out of the entire family who didn't care much about their faith; they thought it was "silly" to believe in "fairy tales". They expressed their hatred of their family's religion very openly, and they decided to move out on their own, as a couple, to get away from it. So, two years before Mordecai was born, his parents moved out of their family's home (which was in New Jersey) and into a city in New York that was full of other luperci.

The city that they moved to was seeming vacant on the outskirts, the center of it was where all of the luperci lived. The majority of the luperci that lived there were like Mordecai's parents - young couples who despised religion and ran away from their homes to not have to practice it.

Much to Mordecai's parents', and the other city dwellers', displeasure, there was an abandoned Jewish synagogue that stood right between the apartment building and the hotel that they all lived in. They had tried many, many times to burn it down, but, ever so mysteriously, there was always something stopping them; there would be rain that would put out their torches, too strong of wind (that threatened to burn down the apartment and the hotel along with it), and, one time, there was even a harsh blizard that kept them all indoors. So, they were forced to live with it being there - reminding them of what they left behind and tried to get away from.

Mordecai was the fourth child of 6 children - he had been in his mother's first litter (she had two litters). Ironically, he started out his life as the runt of his litter (he went on to grow bigger than all of his other siblings). Everyone in the community, even the adults and his parents, treated Mordecai cruelly due to his then-runtish physique. His father, however, was his own son's worst tormentor. Every night, while everyone else was sleeping, he'd force him to run outside and jogged behind him. If his son were to ever fall behind or even slow down just the slightest bit, he'd pull out his leather belt and beat him mercilessly with it. Some of the kids of the neighborhood would stay up to watch Mordecai run and would throw things at him and call him names when he passed them by. Overall, his life was very miserable.

Mordecai found comfort and peace in the place that no one else in his community did; in the synagogue. Whenever he snuck in, which was whenever he could, he would study up on the Jewish religion and visit the library (it had been a perochial school). In the library, there were thousands of books - most of them had something to do with the Judaism. Mordecai found, and read, many of them that were about the Holocaust - these were the ones that inspired him the most, not including the Torah. In a way, Mordecai felt that he could relate to the Jews that were put in the concentration camps; especially since he had been tormented horribly by his own family and community.

One day a couple of the neighborhood kids caught Mordecai walking into the synagogue and, of course, they told on him. This caused everyone to treat him far worse than they had before, and it eventually lead the whole community to beat him until he was unconscious, carve the Star of David into his flesh, and abandon him - to leave for another city.

Ever since then, he has been on his own. He has stayed in several different homes, however, he never really has stayed in one place for too long - he is a wanderer. His belief in God still remains very strong, and he has no disrespect for non-believers. He hopes that, one day, they will see God the way he does and not have to worry any longer about their lives - that they can feel safe, just as he does.
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13 May 1999 (21 years old)
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