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Coyote x Wolf hybrid Ortus
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Sylvia is a coyote-wolf hybrid but her coyote characteristics are the most dominant and prominent in her features. Her face is v-shaped and pointed like most coyotes with a slender muzzle coming to a fox-like point. Her ears are large, standing tall on top of her head and triangular in shape. Her subtle wolf heritage is visible in her size, she carries the petiteness of a coyote, yet the taller stature and long legs of a wolf in both her forms. She is tall and willowy when in her optime form, with a slender build, yet slightly curvy hips.

Sylvia has an assortment of piercings in her ears mostly studs or clasps. Her hair is a very light blonde, almost white in colour that is tousled and naturally curled. She has an assortment of small braids in her hair which are ended with beads/shells/bands/feathers, and she occasionally wears her hair up, but it mostly remains down. She has two feathers in behind her left ear that are buried and pinned into her hair. She wears an assortment of jewelery, mostly things she has made herself that have shells, beach glass, etc. These change quite often, but the one thing she wears all the time is her shell anklet that has pearls on it too.

She wears a leather strap around her leg which holds a hunting knife which is an incredibly sharp blade that she uses for hunting or for her own defense. The sheath is decorated as well as the handle with leather to grip it easier as well as a blue strip around it. Around her waist is a belt that has small bags attached to it for carrying things around in.

She carries a bow which she made herself with the help of another it is shaped into a horses head at the top. It is also decorated with feathers, a bird skull, and beads. Her spear was also made with the help of the same trader that had taken her in for a while when she was young. She has a wintery blue and white quiver in which she stores her arrows.

She very rarely wears any clothing except in the winter time she wears a poncho which matches the quiver. It is lined with fur around the hood and along the bottom of it which goes down to her waist. It sports the same feathers and shell decorations on the bottom front. There is a small pocket in the front which is also lined with fur. The whole inside is lined with animal fur, the outside being made of a heavy cotton material.

Overall Sylvia is mostly blonde, with a golden tinge to her fur. She has a darker patch along her shoulders and on her muzzle. Her underside is mostly a creamy white as well as the inside of her ears and her eye brows. Her eyes are a deep crimson red very evident of her mother's blood line.

Having grown up in a very close-knit and small family group Sylvia has yet to interact with any puppies her own age other then her brother. She is a shy creature by nature always having been one to sit back and watch everything go on around her. Syl does not feel like she has to participate in social interactions or meetings being just as happy to sit on the side lines and listen to everyone around her. With people she is close to though she does not act this way. In fact, she is quite the curious sort and is always asking questions wanting to know everything she can about the world and never giving up an opportunity to learn something know. Her curiosity will eventually just shift into a general thirst for more knowledge.
As quiet as this girl is she has a bit of a mischievous streak to her, always enjoying playing jokes and tricks on her parents or her brother. Her latest one being her disappearing act which is why she is out alone by herself with no guardian. This could eventually settle and eventually she may get out of being a trickster. Due to her parents good nature she could never get a rise out of them so this trait is slowly dissipating.
When in the company of strangers or others she does not really know this young sylph can be very timid. Flinching at the slightest movement or just generally averting her eyes and attempting to keep the attention off herself in order to maintain her invisibility. When this does not work and someone insists on talking to her - depending on the person and their nature - the girl can come out of her shell and be quite friendly although still not very talkitive. She will answer questions asked of her and so on, but remains quiet.
The girl is always on alert trying to make sure to stay out of everyone's way. She does not like getting into trouble too much by others, only by her parents. If someone sneaks up on her she becomes very easily alarmed, and any sounds can set her off. When she is by herself even the slightest shift of grass can send her heart racing. Having spent over a week on her own now she is trying to become less scared. There is no reasonable explanation for this behaviour having grown up in a safe and quiet environment. Maybe for that reason she is not used to loud noises.
Once you coax this youth out of her shell she can be quite friendly. Always happy to cheer anyone up or just amuse someone when bored. This more or less applies to her brother. She enjoys his company and is always trying to draw the boy out. He does not have fun, he is the strong silent type, choosing to be quiet and watch everyone. His quietness isn't due to timidness, just unwilling to participate in conversation. Sylvia is a good friend to have and is always happy to just follow along and play whatever game her current companion wishes to play.
Again, when coaxed out of her hard shell, Sylvia is a very curious sort. She enjoys learning thoroughly, never missing a chance to learn more and more. Her speech has developed faster then most puppies her age, having correct grammar and pronounciate was always important to her. She is forever asking questions and wondering about every little piece of the world such as why is the sky blue and where do babies come from. Her mind is always racing with new ideas, questions and possibilities.

(Will edit when I get to play her more).
Sylvia was born upon her mother's seventh birthday alongside her brother Niklaus Gabriel Mogotsi. Faolin gave her son the middle name of her ex-mate for unknown reasons to everyone else. Sylvia had always been a wanderer and had often times got lost. Her mother would scold her because of her disappearance, but time and time again she disappeared. Finally, one day she feels a slight bit more rebellious and runs off with a colt from her parent's stable and wandered further than she ever had the colt followed her unquestioningly by a lead. Sylvia did not make it too far before she was swept up by who she did not quite know was her half-brother, Ezekiel. She was taken into his care for a very short time before she got scared, lost, then wandered off in the completely wrong direction once again.

She was found by a small family unit that made things to trade and they traveled. They took her and the colt in and treated Sylvia like one of their own. She stayed with the family for quite a while. They taught her to hunt, to shift, to defend herself anything she would need for survival. She learned many things such as crafting weapons, making clothes, jewelery, anything she could do with her hands. She absorbed it all, and helped where she could as she got older.

They traveled and stuck to the coastal regions. Sylvia had an affinity to the ocean. She loved it, everything in it, the beaches, they all amazed her. Eventually she grew bored, and her listless spirit took hold and she wanderlust took over again. Saying her good-byes to the ones she called family she set out with Adonis who had also grown quite a bit and was big enough to start carrying her around.

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